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Usage of Roman Balochi By Nakou Ameeri
« on: June 25, 2008, 05:30:29 PM »
Roman/Balochi aabaani kaarmarz
aa: as in aas/aac, fire
a: as in asp/haps, horse
e: as in pet/pess, father
i: as in shir, milk, pir, old (age)
o: as in por, ashes, porr, full
u: as in sur, wedding, dur, far
y: as in yaasmin, jasmine (in the beginning)

ai: as in kai ?, whose ?, tai, you
ay: as in kay ?, who ?, may, our
ey: as in ey, this, eyshark, a medicinal herb

b: as in boz, goat
c=ch: as in camm, eye
d: as in daaz, a dwarf palm, dozz, a thief
d': as in d'aal, vulture, d'aaci, she-camel
f: used in borrowed words such as fawj, army,
   faamil, surname
g: as in grand, thunder, goraand', ram (male
h: as in hameyn, dates' harvest, homb, a jar
j: as in jambar, cloud, ju, a brook, stream
k: as in kalaat, fort
l: as in leyr'ah, he-camel
m: as in mouz, banana
n: as in neymag, butter
p: as in pas, sheep (syah pas, goat, espey         pas, sheep)
r: as in reyk, sand
s: as in sikkon, porcupine
t: as in toulag, jackal
t': as in t'eyki, gift, tong, hole
w: as in waad, salt, waan, tub
x=kh: as in xaan (khan)
z: as in zaal, woman, zum/zim, scorpion
zh: as in zheng, bell

Please forward this usage of Roman Balochi
alphabet to your friends.

Zahida Raees :Raji: ,
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Some Important Notes about Roman Baluchi Standards.
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2008, 05:40:20 PM »
"Imdad Baloch" wrote:
Again i am lost, is this same orthography concluded in some conference at Uppsula?

noutak baloch <> wrote:
Dear Dr Imdad and friends: I have prepared this  Roman/Balochi usage of alphabets with the help of Dr Malek Towghi and other learned friends. This is a simple way using English key board of our computers as lay men.There is another system for writing Balochi called Euro-Baluchi.
Please visit

You can use whichever alphabet is more easy for you.



On Wed, 25/6/08, Dr. Malek Towghi <> wrote:
From: Dr. Malek Towghi <>
Subject: Re: Roman/Balochi aabaani kaarmarz
To:, "balochi culture" <>
Date: Wednesday, 25 June, 2008, 11:50 AM
Ameeri jaan,
While I appreciate your kind words about me, and that you and some others use some elements of my adopted   Roman Balochiy Alphabet (which is mostly based on Sayad Haashumiy's initial proposals, it is important for the record to know that I and you are not in total agreement about a common Roman/Latin Alphabet for writing Balochiy. The differences are obvious in my Balochiy writings in the Roman script. For this reason, I request you to publish / send  my (this) humble  note along with the following brief clarifications in all places/sites and to all persons where you have published / sent  your response to Dr. Imdad jaan, ... so that there is not any confusion for the readers now and in the future.
After thinking and working for many years, by the mid-1990s, I had semi-finalized a manuscript of a long essay or a book titled  "A Proposal for Standardized Balochiy & for a Latin-English-based System for Writing Balochiy"   with the help of a simple English keyboard. The proposed  Alphabet Table with very brief explanations  in Balochiy was published in Waajah Bandiyg (Bandeeg)'s "BALOCHI MAAHTAAK"  about the same period. Some later revisions in brief were  published in a Baloch-related website.
I had finalized the manuscript to present in   a University Seminar in  Sweden  (1997?) Professor Jahani had kindly invited me to attend, offering a return air ticket  and other facilities! Had I attended the seminar and presented and refined the manuscript, it would have been published by some European or American professional periodical.
Instead of going to Sweden, unfortunately -- and stupidly -- , I preferred to accept   Waajah Akhtar Mengal's written offer to become his "Adviser for Education & Culture". I requested Dr. Jahani to invite Waajah Jaan Muhammad Dashti (instead of me) to attend the seminar, which she kindly did .........
I do not want to send this and some other manuscripts to the web-sites for publication because it will be plagiarized as usual.
Malek Towghi, Ph.D.


On 6/25/08, noutak baloch <> wrote:
Dear Dr Towghi: thanks for your comment.
I am forwarding your mail to all Balochi web sites.

Curtesy to Uncle Saeed Ameeri
Zahida Raees :Raji: ,
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Re: Usage of Roman Balochi By Nakou Ameeri
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2013, 04:57:57 PM »
]امکان هست انت که که بلوجی زبان په رومانی پیما نبیسگ به بیت : پرجا که ای جنگ و جدال ع ظ ط غ گورا گار بنت: بله درستانی مفتین گپ انت و هیچ کرد نیست انت.
عبدالوهاب آسکانی
مرد کہ بے براتٰ شان کنت میری
جن کہ بے جودا سنبہ ایت سیری
عاقبت  یک روچۓ  ردۓ زیر ایت