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Title: Web Designer
Post by: Ali Derakhshan on December 25, 2007, 04:38:09 PM
Hi I am a web designer I design and program webs and I designed a web for my friends I mean my group Baloch Group cuz the original Baloch group is closed :d I work in HTML, PHP, Mysql and also text db in PHP
Title: Re: Web Designer
Post by: Zahida Raees Raji on December 25, 2007, 07:38:50 PM
Kasanoken' braat Ali Derakhshan:

Salam o wahag,

ey washen' gappen' keh shomara web-designing e hub hasten'
bale yak gappey yak masteren' gohar e heysiyat a chey gon' shoma kanag loutan' ometein' shoma dil a nayaare.

designer yaa programmer yak creative mardum e bii o aa mardum daahima (hameshah) nouken' kaar deyma yaarag e johud kant (koshish kant).
shome johud wa sharrent bale tao hamaa kaar kota keh aa tara chey peysar ham baazenan' kota.
taee forum e sections ham nouk nayant o vision ham nouk naen' baheden' shoma yak nouken' pekre deyma byaare.

yak mufakkar e gappent' keh

"kisee kee taqleed karnaa achii baat hai lekin baat tu tab hai keh taqleed karte karte koyii apnii naYee raah bana le aur us meN apnaa naam pedaa kare"

man ishiyaa kammoo aasaanii zoban e tookaa tara goshan keh beyshak tao ey degaa site an' bechaar o aahaanii rangaa wati kaaraa deyma bebar bale mazaa hama kaar e tookaent' keh tao aa kaar e tookaa wati yak nouken' rang o jiddat e bedae. padaa hamahiyaa sharter bekane

mani ey gappey maqsad tara heyr janag naent balken' taee tavassuta chey man ey degaraan' aa goshag loutant keh Balochii zoban o adab e tookaa baaz gunjahish asten' pah kaar kanaga.
baheden' nou shomaa aahaanii saraa kaar bekane.

baloch IT professionals.
Baloch Medical Professionals,
Baloch Educationest,
Baloch Art & Craft,

and so on.

man yak kaar e deymaa yaarta shoma ey degaraan' deymaa byaare.
ometein' shoma chah mana chey sharter kot kane o mae zoban o ma'alookaa deym tera bare. (InshaAllah)

mae sar souj o komak daahima shome goomaa bayant.

gon' wahagan'

wati raaj e heyr loutouk

Title: Re: Web Designer
Post by: Ali Derakhshan on December 25, 2007, 07:49:17 PM
well sister u'r right but who said its only forum I'm planning? sections are the same that was bcz of lack of time I'm going to buid my own CMS for the site and the shoutbox in the forum is originally built by me check out the making things like forum is just my every day routine ;) and also every aspect of myupb is based on email even registration but it ain't in my forum check it out.
Title: Re: Web Designer
Post by: G4N0K on March 13, 2008, 02:45:45 AM
I'm sry we haveto wirte in english but sometimes its hard . my english in poor also sry for that :) ... cuz i am in IRAN[CHABAHAR] ... !
nex i'll try to write in balochi ... !  [:(]
I Didn't Got ya Br0 ... , But hEre's The Team Of That OS Project ... !

    *  President/Developer (TextDB, upb2 core, bugs, add-ons) - Tim aka Pilot (
    * Vice-President/Developer (upb1, upb2 add-ons, bugs) - Ben aka Excorcist (
    * Server Admin/UPB Developer (Server reports and general development on UPB2) - Jonathan (
    * Developer (PM System and general development on UPB2) - Jerroyd aka Rebles (
    * Developer (UPB 1.97, Mods, XHTML/CSS) - Fraser (
    * Skin Support (Incharge of Skinning UPB) - ParanoiDinHell (
    * Developer (Mods, Community Development, Support) - Erick (
    * Documentation, Developer - Clark (
    * New skin system - The Ripper

you mena you are going to code A CMS ... !? Or you Are Taking Part in this proj .. !? :) .. !

I Also know A Lille  abt coding in PHP [I Think Everyone Who Can code PHP Will Know CSS, HTML , and Some Basics Of JS] .

i am also working on my own site and i am thinking of AJAX + PHP ;) ...

Best OF Lucks ... :)

Title: Re: Web Designer
Post by: Muhammad Asim Baloch on March 31, 2008, 12:03:34 PM
i will like to add on with sister raji's idea :-

Baloch Architects
Baloch Engrr
Baloch In Govt Jobs (So we shd be interlinked together).
Title: Re: Web Designer
Post by: Ali Derakhshan on April 09, 2008, 10:21:41 PM
well g4n0k I said that I was going to build a cms but that requires a lot of coding and time currently I'm stuck in my school life and no problem you can talk in Iranian baluchi with me because am Iranian too but living in karachi for studies. I'm darakhshaan, raaski. And sorry for replying very late