Author Topic: Media has becom the greatest cause of breaking MARRIAGES.  (Read 8108 times)

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Re: Media has becom the greatest cause of breaking MARRIAGES.
« Reply #15 on: May 12, 2011, 11:59:36 PM »
Mind is the driving force to act in a positive way or negative. In my view media( there are many media) is not a cause for breaking the marraiges(any). It is all about awareness of both partners(of social contract).By using of cell phones and internet etc ,an awared person will never be the victim of Media. Machines are not the masters of man(Human) . It is upto the persons how they think and feel. we can use the Media in a way, which we want not the media!   I can use the cell phone for a constructive    purpose  and also for destructive one. It does not order me to follow. It is my mind,which allows me to do what I it wants. By saying that the media has become the greatest cause of breaking marraiages is nothing but diverting the minds towards non-issue. The main causes of  breaking of any marraiage are multiple ones not only one. Also the approach of mind that the media is the greatest cause of breaking the marraiges is like putting the cart before the horse!

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Re: Media has becom the greatest cause of breaking MARRIAGES.
« Reply #16 on: October 15, 2011, 10:37:47 PM »

im way too late but i would love to speak in this matter ....

first of all i agree with my brothers gwadari and lion of desert and mir alihan....

saying that media is the biggest cause is exaggeration ...
i agree to it and disagree too ....

1. I've noticed many girls/boys in our baloch community are blindly immitating Indian or Arabian actresses ...
they speak, dress, think, and more over... BEHAVE.... like those actresses
its true that media to some extent DID have an impact on all these things... I'm saying this coz I was truly amazed and shocked to see BALOCH GIRLS in their new looks... I'm not talking about all but most...
 for them life has become like a Hindi movie and they r the heroin of the movie.... they run around in malls and fb and everywhere else to find their Romeo /Juliet .. and finally make a drama and say to their parents " if u don't lemme marry him, I will suicide or run away" and unfortunately MANY girls have done this already (suicide nakana watarae del nabi).. I hold both the girls and guys equally responsible for their actions and these people were both educated and uneducated ( so it doesn't relle make a difference)... for them love is a piece of cake before marriage and after it… they get to know what it really means and some of them do wish that they didn’t fall in such acts …
in todays generation when I sit with girls of my age …. wen a girl is respectful and didnt forget her culture... they think she is outdated and needs to be upgraded ....
i blame their parents to some extent for giving them Freedom to such an extent..  I've seen parents happily watching their children with such disrespectful words and thoughts ( thinking … oh my!! Look at my daughter .. she is just soo cool" )
NOT ALL PARENTS ARE LIKE THAT OFFCOURSE… but this is the new scene that has been repeating b4 my eyes ..

2. i disagree that arrange marriages have not been successful.....
it's true that FORCED arranged marriages have found many difficulties but it's not fair to say that arrange marriages are not successful .... many arranged marriages can end up in love.... and I like to use a new terminology
" arranged-love marriage" where it has been arranged with the consent of the family and the couple  ^^ and so to say "they lived happily ever after"

b4 we used to hear alot of stories of MAN power against women ..especially in our baloch community ... but i think this has reduced .. and if such is the case... i say both members should know the rights and duties of each other.. and respect each other... and more over, love each other.. and if one member is not fair to the other, he/she has to be patient... bcoz sometyms things dont work well in a relationship.. it doesnt mean u break it all ... and if it is beyond the limits of patience.. then by the guidance of Quran ..seperate and do as the Quran has guided us to ...

In Islam it is forbidden to force a girl into a marriage… her consent is equally important as the consent of boy

I think divorces in this new generation are largely because the couple is not ready to take the responsibilities of marriage… before marriage they think that it’s a hindi movie… but after it they learn it requires a lot of effort and responsibility… they can't handle it and end up divorced ,,,,

And so far as media is concerned…. MEDIA IS JUST A TOOL … IT WORKS THE WAY U MAKE IT WORK…..
For example… a husband can send a sweet message to his wife rather than a girlfriend… in both cases he is using the same tool… but for what purpose he is using it.. makes the difference..
i agree with mir alihan in this case

   I know one thing by speaking english you cant become modern,By wearing tight dresses you cant become Beautiful,By acting like kids you cant become innocent that is all non sense to me.

Marriage is a responsiblity .. its not like a movie where one man sings a song .... MARRIAGES UNDER BALUCHI CULTURE  o||| ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR CULTURE TEACHES YOU HUMANITY,BRAVERY,HONESTY,
i have seen many well educated girls acting like illiterate woman,So for me education is not important,Important is awareness regarding your work or your importance in social life.

well said brother...

Thank you sis for this thread …
Everyone has his views… may we all be guided with the light of Quran and knowledge .. ameen

my silence does not mean that im not aware of what goes on around me
but what goes on around me...deserves not being spoken about