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Balochi language...From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Balochi (also Baluchi, Baloci or Baluci) is a Northwestern Iranian language. It is the principal language of the Baloch of Balochistan, a region in western Pakistan, eastern Iran and southern Afghanistan. It is also spoken as a second language by some Brahui. It is designated as one of nine official languages of Pakistan in the near coming future for government officials and Balochi politcians.


1 Dialects
2 Sound System
2.1 Vowels
2.2 Diphthongs
2.3 Plosives
2.4 Affricates
2.5 Fricatives
2.6 Nasals
2.7 Trills
2.8 Lateral Approximants
2.9 Approximants

Balochi has several dialects. The Ethnologue lists three major dialects: Eastern Balochi, Western Balochi and Southern Balochi while the Encyclopedia Iranica (from Elfenbein) lists six major dialects: Rakhshani (subdialects: Kalati, Panjguri and Sarhaddi), Saravani, Lashari, Kechi, Coastal Dialects, and Eastern Hill Balochi.

Sound System

a, i, u, ā, ī, ē, ū, ō

ay, aw, āy

p, b, t, d, ṭ, ḍ, k, g

č, j

s, z, š, ž, h

Allophones for syllable final -b, -t, -d -> -v, -θ, -ð (Eastern Hill Balochi only)
Fricatives in unassimilated loanwords: f, x, ġ

m, n, n:,

r, ṛ

Lateral Approximants

w, y

Balochi is closely related to other Northwestern Iranian languages such as Kurdish.