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What is about?
« on: April 11, 2007, 04:24:43 AM »
I dont know what is the main purpose of
I can see some awared people here but dont know whether they are confuse with their subject or its some thing else?
If is about Baluchi literature then why urdu or hindi section was added?
I didnt get any post in urdu section regarding Baluch or Baluchistan except few ...
Hardly 1 out of 100
Baluchi literature has some pillars and if the base is not strong how it will manage to stand
It will fall down
Thats what happening in if you consider it well
There are pakistani schools where they have imposed urdu even on those for whom urdu is not their national language
Now yes i can see many posts by few members regarding Baluchi literature too but same members are also active in urdu section
I have nothing to do with urdu
but the thing is just  mentioning Baluch with your name not gonna work out
If you are mentioning Baluch then you should also consider the problems of Baluch nation.
In same way sorry to say only the name of Baluch is left in this site but no Baluchyat i can see here...
Well sorry for being hard
But i just mentioned what i can see in
And i cant see my people to adopt the culture of those who got nothing by their own self.

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Re: What is about?
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2007, 10:54:01 AM »
Dousten' braat LOD:

man sak baz dast gattan' pamesha MB o PM aanii juwaab daat kut nakanagayan' bale ometein shoma ey gappa sarpad bayage johd kane keh zind-o-zind-e kaar madaar pa yakdegeraa laazim-o-malzooman' o ey dege chizz randa kayan'

taee jost kutagen' gapp Baask-e-saraa man wat baazen' randaa directly o indirectly chah ey dege Baaskan' chey kuta. bale ishiye nuqsaan ey bit keh maye baaskan' chah ey diwana yahag yal daat. :(

braat, loug-e-master satar johd bekanan' bale hama wahd suddii keh louge ey dege mardum ham watii zimmeywaariyaa sarpad naban' aa loug masterey khahish-e-saraa hallet nakan'
kammo Diwan-e-statistic-aa bechaar o wat bugush keh Baluchi sectionan' view kanouk wa baazan' bale baar zoorouk nabayage barabar:

shoma kasanoken' braatanii dil-e-tookaa naprat wa baazen' bale ey sudd neysten' keh chey war'aa watiigaa deymaa bebaren' o daramada ham watii babataa sharren' pikr bedaen'

Taee awalii jost gon' mana Baravi-e-babataa bitta.

man ishiye juwaba ham edaa dayag loutan' keh Baravii maye Balochistan-e-zubaan wa hasten' bale Baluchi naen'

Balochistan faqat Pakisan-e-region-e-areasa nagushan' Pakistan-e-tookaa Deraa Ghazi Khan (Punjab-> ede Baloch saraahikii kanan') .  Iran-e-tookaa kurd ham Balochan' o marchan' ishanii area Balochistanaa chey daren'

Baluchi o Baravii watii watii jagahaa sak wash o taamdaran' o yak mazanen' taareekh(history) eyr kanan'. Baravii-a Baluchi-e-tookaa zamm kanage nuksaan ey bii keh aahiye watii wajood gaar bi o ma BaHeciyat-e-Baloch ey gappa doust nadaraan' keh maye Balochistan-e-zubaan gaar bibi.

baazen' dar-Baloch marchan' ey ta'asub-aa deymaa yaragayan' keh Baravii mardum Baluchi gap kanan' Bale Baloch Baravii nakanan' ishiye juwaab eshen' keh Baravii East Balochistan-e-zubaanen' bale Baluchi kullen' Balochistane (Iranian, Afghanistanian, Pakistanian ) zubaanen'

East Balochistan-e-mardum Baluchi-aa chey washter Baravii gap kanan' o ey ham sharren' gappen' Bale ey ta'assube saraa dilgosh kanag wat ma watii dil-graanii peyda kanaga chey geyshter hech kaar kurt nakan'


Baask -e-saraa Admins a chey geyshter members active-an'

tara o manii dege ham yak do braatan' Urdu-e-saraa e'itraazen' shoma kammo MB-e-ey statistic-aa beychaar o bugush keh Baloch Baluchi-aa chey tachagayan' yaa keh Baask-e-joor' kanouk? MB-e saraa Urdu o Hindi-e-ilwah ham ey dege zubaan hasten' aahiye total topic o total post-an' bechaar o faisla bekanen':

mani ham khwahishen' keh Baask Balochanii wa jagah beba bale pah Baluchiyat-aa deyma yaraga.

man bey shome dazkomake hech kut nakanan' bale politics o dar-Balochanii saraa naprat kashag-a chey Dan agan' shomaa manii johdaa our bit kane to man shomara wash-aatk kanan' o sak baaz minatvaar bayan'

gon' neiken' wahagan'

watii raaj-e-heyr loutouk

Zahida Raees :Raji: ,
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Re: What is about?
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2007, 06:09:13 PM »
Dear sister..
I respect you alot for your efforts may be i cant take your place
But dont you think by adding this section we are getting confuse
We have our own folk stories ... our own poems and poets
So there are many things come under this word Baluch or Baluchistan
Like Baluchi dresses,Baluchi dishes,Baluchi culture,Baluchi folk stories of hammal,chaker,sheh-mureed,balach,Baluchi idioms,Baluchi sports,Baluchi songs etc...But we are busy in mirza ghalib, in shahruk khan blah blah blah
So it is bit painful
If the structure of forum will be like that then how to blame members
Our Dress,Our land,Our simplicity,Our hospitality is too great so by comparing our culture with those who got nothing by their own selves doesnt make any sense....
As far as dar-Baluch are concerned if my people have qualities why should i waste my time to prove them that my people have these qualities why dont i start telling my people that you have these qualities so stop following those non-sense and idiot dar-Baluch...
Because an eagle has sharp eyes but that eagle in cage will see limited things while on sky it sees things widely ... same thing is with my nation.