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Meer Chaakar Khan Rind
« on: April 19, 2007, 10:04:08 PM »
Meer Chaakar Khan Rind

Meer Chaakar Khan Rind or Chakar-i-Azam (Farsi or Urdu: میر چاکر خان رند) is considered a folk hero of Baloch people. Meer Chaakar (1468 – 1565) was a Baloch King in the 15th century. Chakar Khan founded a kingdom which proved to be shortlived however because of a civil war between the Lashari and Rind tribes of Balochistan. Meer Chaakar Khan Rind joined Mughal army of Emperor Humayun and was rewarded by Humayun after his reconquest of this throne in 1555.

Meer Chaakar Khan Rind lived in Sevi (modern time Sibi) in hills of Balochistan and became the head of Rind tribe after the death of his father Mir Shahak Khan at the age of 18. Meer Chaakar Khan Rind is regarded as one of the great Baloch heroes and is the centre of Balochi love lore and war ballad. A natural leader and warrior, Meer Chaakar Khan Rind was a man with resolute determination.

Meer Chaakar Khan and Mir Gwaharam Khan, head of the Lashari tribe went to war. Thousands of Rinds and Lasharis, Including Meer Chaakar's brother, were killed in this war, and ballads that still echo in hills of Balochistan and are part of Baloch oral literature, commemorate the personal gallantry of the two heroes. After 'the thirty year war' against Lasharis, he left Balochistan and settled in the Punjab in 1518.

Chakar Khan Settled in Satghara and became a regional force. He was respected (and feared) in the area. Afghan King Sher Shah Suri approached Meer Chaakar Khan Rind to join hands with him and help him consolidate his gains. Meer Chaakar Rind appreciated the situation and not only wisely refused to help Sher Shah Suri but also managed to elude Afghan armies. Instead, his forces under the able command of his son Mir Shahdad Khan joined Humayun when after a long exile in Persia, Mughal emperor came back, recaptured Delhi and ousted Suri dynasty in 1556. Emperor Humayun as a reward conferred a vast Jagir (Land holdings), including horses and slaves, upon him. Meer Chaakar Khan ruled till he died in 1565.

The followers who had accompanied Meer Chaakar Khan Rind to Satghara built the tomb after death of the hero.

Source: Wikipedia
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