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News Sub Forum
« on: April 22, 2005, 02:56:41 AM »
Salam Brothers n Sisters..

Nice forum sub topics, but i think the sub topic for NEWS is missing, it is a must i guess...

And one more thing, ive got no idea what the word 'baask' means, can any1 shed some light???

Has it got to do anything with ETA or Basque separatists of Spain, or have they got anything to do with balochs, i mean other than the separatist views that we both share??? :s

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News Sub Forum
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2005, 09:06:33 AM »
In our authenticated Baluchi dictionary Sayed Ganj term "Baask" means:

Baask (baa-s-k)
1. dast-e-hama bhar keh chah suroosh-e-burz daaNkeh kopag-a-eNt
2. braat , braat gwangeN doust, kumak dayook, hamarah
3. naam bastageN majles-e-taha bharr zoorookeN hamkaar-o-hamrah

in shourt Baask means shoulder, brother, a close freind, co-ordinator, partner, supporter, a main power/supporter of any relation or majlis.

common examples to use this term:

mardeiN chuk pete baaskeiN.
male child /son is a power of a father.

mani braat mani baaskaaN
my brothers are my protectors

yeh mani dost naheN mani baaskeN
this is not my friend he is my braat (closest to me like my brother)

naujwaan may kaum-e-baaskaaN
young peoples are our assets.

our  young generation is a main power of our Baloch community. every creative, energatic and hardworking person is an asset of our nation and they should be known by this world. (this is what we think :)  )

we want  to provide them a plate form to expose them selves freely without bounding them in a language that was the purpose to choose this term for this site.

So dear brother Ahmad Aftab,  hope now yours and other's confusion is clear :)
Zahida Raees :Raji: ,
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