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Daad Shah (True son of Baluchistan)
« on: April 25, 2007, 12:00:16 AM »
Dost Muhammad (Daad-Shah)

History of Baluch itself is witness of Baluch bravery ... But beside this bravery Baluch are well known for their Tribal culture and traditions...
War never won by weapons and by armies but winning a war depends on the faith of those fighters who are struggling and fighting for a purpose... Truth will always win but its bit difficult to stand with truth but truth has power which makes one man so brave that he stands infront of 1000 people ...
Those who stands for a purpose few bullets of weapon cant stop them
Daad shah was a Brave Baluch who fought for the people of Baluchistan against Shah regime of Iran.
Daad shah along his wife and few friends went to mountains to fight against thousand of iranian army
During this fight Daad shah was offered money several times but when One Baluch moves to Baluchi mountains then he never comes back ... as history says they fight till their last drop of blood ... some times they take revenge and some times they give their lives for a purpose ... but they dont prefer to get on knees.
Bibi hatun wife of daad shah also fought against Shah regime of Iran although she is no more but still she is remembered ... she is remembered because of her bravery
She proved that she is the true daughter of Baluchistan
Daad shah even though their army was not that much big but their courage was much high thats the reason they killed thousand of iranian army
But in last he was killed by Aidoo khan ... Who was used by iranian army but during this fight Daad shah was helped by several Baluch of Baluchistan
Daad shah and Bibi hatun are no more but they are remembered
Long live brave sons and daughters of Baluchistan
War never won by weapon but by courage,faith and purpose
Those who are on mountains today they will achieve their target
Because truth always wins and it has to

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Re: Daad Shah (True son of Baluchistan)
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Re: Daad Shah (True son of Baluchistan)
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Thanks brother Lion-Of-Desert  for sharing very good articles in baask great job brother keep writing more (y)
warmest regards
ur brother
You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.

Long Live Baloch & Balochistan

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Tricks used by Daad shah during war
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2007, 05:45:20 PM »
Daad shah used several tricks to confuse iranian soldiers
Every Baluch is well awared of deserts of Baluchistan
When we walk or run in such sandy deserts
We can easily be chased because our foot steps

So to hide their location Daad shah ordered his followers to keep frontside of shoes on back and back on front

In Ordinary way

Daad shah's Trick

This trick worked and it was not easy for iranian army to trace brave sons of Baluchistan like Daadshah

One Another trick which was used BY Daadshah..... they used to walk on Rocks inspite of sand or surface Because rocks unlike sand it wont let your footsteps to be marked.

Baluch in early 70s used this kind of tricks and just few Baluch killed thousand of iranian and Pakistani army.In iran Baluch like Daad shah at that time and in Pakistan Baluch like marris with their old weapons
Just Imagine today Baluch have advanced weapons and they are in 2007 now how dangerous they are for Pakistan and Iranian army now
Long live Brave sons of Baluchistan

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Re: Daad Shah (True son of Baluchistan)
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Thank you very much for letting us biography For those great people  whom  can not be unforgettable from  mind of the history

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Re: Daad Shah (True son of Baluchistan)
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tnxxx for da info!!!!!