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balochi culture and tradition
« on: June 01, 2009, 01:48:22 AM »

Balochistan is very famous for its traditional items, like Shawls, Bugti Shawlar and Kamiz, many kinds of Balochi Shoes and traditional decorated caps. All those items are hand made and showing the rich Balochi culture.

Traditionally, female member of family are doing embroidery on shawls at home. After the completion, sold to the big markets. It is a source of their income. The best available shawls are worth Rupees 2000/- which is equal to 25 USD.

Bugti Shalwar and Kamiz is the dress of Baloch tribe. All the people here are wearing it. Bugti is also the name of a famous Baloch Tribe. It needs a lot more amount of fabric to make this Shalwar and Kamiz, compares to common Shalwar and Kamiz of Pakistan, Baloch people also wear big turbans on their heads with this dress.

Balochi Caps are also one of the main components. Rich people matches the color of the cap with the color of their clothes. It applys very beautiful embroidery on the cap with the small pieces of glass. Those are available in the market and the rate is between 320 Rupees (4 USD) to 1500 Rupees (19 USD). 

The main interesting outfit for men is Balochi Shoes, which are available in many designs and colors. It is indeed very comfortable and stunning. There is a big market for these locally made shoes in Quetta. People are making the shoes in their shops after measure the size of customer's foot.

There are also many ready-made shoes, but they are not as comfortable as made on order according to the size of foot. Soles of the shoes is made by strong rubber tyre, and other part is made by Sheep’s leather. Because of its strength, it is ideal to walk on the tough terrains and mountains.

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