Author Topic: A few Social problems of Baluch society in Makran By Mir Zafar Bashir Rind  (Read 9799 times)

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 Baloch, from the inception, tackling and facing many cumbersome problems whether it was the time of Nuashrwan or other regimes of Persia (now Iran), Afghanistan and presently Pakistan and Iran. Baloch is very much familiar with all tastes of problems, big or small no matter, and it has passed through narrow tunnel of barbarity, tyranny, cruelty, and genocidal actions. There are still a lot of problems or issues of Baloch as a whole and individually. The mammoth one is illegal occupation of their mother land by two states (Iran & Pakistan) and division of the same land by British; some areas of mother land occupied by Afghanistan, but there are some social problems in Makran region, which opened their mouths to be solved right now otherwise they will always be opening gap and filling or solving of them not be easily possible.


∆ Social Structure, norms and values of Baloch society are going to down and in some area, there are no such words of Baloch values ,the only measurement of affection ,love, friendship, greatness and quality is currency notes ,gold ,cars, bungalow and other expensive materials ,there is no weight of commitment, sincerity, integrity, honesty, hardworking, uprightness, knowledge, intellectual being and goodness.

∆ Marriages of many mature (mentally & physically) couples are pending because of irrational and illogical borrowed customs (money, gold, ornaments, expensive clothes etc are more important then pure love and affection) .In case of marriage also money and its relatives are the only criterion to be accepted all and sundry.

∆ Many talented students, would be the shoulders of true leaders of Baluch and might be they themselves carry the gigantic task of leadership in any time, are passing their lives with great hardship, which making them compelled to be only spectators of all events of change without an iota of contribution for their nation and themselves.

∆ Using of drugs and intoxication has made necessary for all Baluch and there is abundance of the same in all Baluch areas. The drugs and intoxication dealers and sellers are belonging to illiterate, uneducated and nonsense type of persons. It is blessing for us that Baluch freedom fighters done a lot complimentary and appreciate able things for obliteration of the same .People of all these area are feeling convenience and happiness, but still it is looming on the Baluch society as a threat and destruction of all generations.

∆ Arable and other lands of, all Baluch areas, are occupied by those persons who are instruments of state of Pakistan to the detrimental and injury of all other majority of great Baluch, who are pith of Baluch struggle, the same lands are not utilized by the grabbers or private occupiers for any purpose rather than they are just like barren lands. Particularly in Makran, such privately occupied lands are in possession of some office-bearers and members of a so-called Baluch nationalist party. They used and still using force and tactics of their govt authority to make themselves owners of the said lands. Many cases are pending against these tycoons, bloodsuckers and so-called Baluch nationalists, filed by poor Baluch, who lost their huts ,animals, belongings and houses in destructive and furious floods of 1998 and 2007.Poor people are losing their legitimate and genuine cases because of nepotism, favoritism ,cronyism ,bribery and corruption in Pakistani courts.

∆ Science and technology are the main tools to highlight and propagate the main issue of illegal and illegitimate occupation of Baluch motherland by two said states and other problems; also it is useful for narrowing and ending of distances of Baluch minds and hearts, and are fit instruments for exchange of news and views etc. Unfortunately, both highly fruitful and useful tools are being used for nothing only for obscenity, prostitution, immorality, watching of naked pictures and videos and girls making themselves to be dubbed call girls; girls and boys went to such a degree of impudence and shamelessness to the defeat of whores of Hong Kong.

∆ Discussion on fault lines of religion of Islam, (because through lapses of time new issues emerged which need discussion (Ijtehaad and Qiyas) to be solved) and Mullahparesti (Mullah is a person who recites prayers and give talisman for treatment of all kind of diseases and paresti is an Urdu word which means following of it) is a taboo and sin to be commenced and spread awareness, enlightenment, concrete solutions of existing social problems and knowledge. Baluch women are main victims of Mullah, even so-called educated women go to treat their disease by talisman. Mullah is a parasite, who earns without work only buy a book of talismans , write down their contents  and then he sell them without any use of capital and there is plus point for them(Mullahs) too, they also enjoy with natural beauty of psychological and mental patients !
 Within discussion, all points of temporary happiness such as Eid and other principles concerning of patience and content until doomsday, are also come. A new line of wave has come onto surface, when some one killed a Punjabi boy in Gwadar, through exploiting the non-issue and unconcerned matter of Zikri and Nimazi in recent time.

∆ Private schools culture is prevailing in Pakistan so it is in Turbat and Gwadar, we must cooperate and appreciate their establishment when they impart to the Baluch people the true and real knowledge and education .Unfortunately, the private schools are kissing points of girls and boys, as they are modern and advanced!
Sex is the main factor, which drives the both opposite sexes to such a point of shamelessness and filthiness, if we make plans and implement them slowly but surely then such problems may be sorted out, but, irony is this we never discuss about any issue of sex and expect from our hot-blood (young generation) to be pure till their nuptial bond. We have to discuss all issues and problems regarding sex.

∆ Collectivity of all kinds is non-existent in Makran; no one cares who die and become victim of a disease, no support, no help, and no true sympathy. If we all collect, a penny from each employed or income-earner then annually we easily collect thousands of thousands of money for the betterment of health, education, sanitation, cleanliness etc. We are begging to foreign countries, donors to make ourselves the permanent beggars for all time, as we all know that the donors of foreign countries collect money from their communities and remit to local NGOs, which are not helpers and messiah but only sitting for making the begging a permanent means of earning for all of us.

There are other social problems in Baloch society of Makran but they are incidental and secondary, if above-mentioned problems are slowly solved and not ignored, then secondary problems can automatically be solved because of solution of main problems.
 These all above said problems have made all society confused and psychological patients, they do not know where to go and how to deal with them individually but as we all know an individual act is noting to face and deal with powerful instincts of nature and artificial sugar-coated poison of idiots !

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Non-governmental  organizations are fatal for Baloch survival/society:

There are a lot of problems faced by Baluch ,as all know ,in occupied Baluchistan.The problems are social, political,economic, religious, ethical, familial, educational so on and so forth.The NGOs in Balochistan are mainly working for education,health,sanitation, rehabilitation,family planning,population control, reproductive health and other fields. Now, the question is this whether the NGos are fatal for Baluch survival or not.In  depth if we look the agenda and programs of NGos and also their relations with  political parties then all will say at the same time that these are fatal, dangerous and destructive for the true Baloch cause and survival.
Temporary solution of chronic and permanent problems is the true "moto" of the NGOs in Baluchistan.In public,the organizers, mobilizers and coordinators of NGOs propagate and spread that they are messiah for them but in reality they are slow-poisoning the Baluch.Their main focus and aim is on breaking the Baloch norms(If any left now) and diverting the main issues to non-issues.Their agenda and programs are to divert the minds of the Baluch masses to a direction where they become symbol of begging and nothing.
There are more NGOs in Baluchistan than other areas(provinces)  but day by day problems are increasing .These NGOs are producers of problems. Their another focal agenda and point is on females as to make them  morally corrupt.

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Dear Rind,
I do agree with you but not fully, it is true that the Balochs of Mekran having such problems you have mentioned but not at all. i dont know how you analyzed these problem whether you conducted a research or just it came  into your mind and you expressed your views or i can say it a kind of fares. It seems you care about your nation, we have to search on factors that created such fares and senselessness into our people, with the time and good education and health those probs can be solved and finished
Dr Nasir

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regarding your view on NGOs i agree that they are making our people beggars and distructing values but if we see on other way some of NGOs doing well in of Education, health and other services 
Dr Nasir

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Mir. ZB  its really admirable that you are very sensitive about Baloch society and try to highlight the problems which are destroying the ethics and values of Baloch society.
What you think what is the solution of all these problems?
Do you have any ideas that the sensible persons should follow them for the safety of our culture , values and language?

Waiting for your reply.
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Ok we know that the problem are in everywhere
we can remove this revolting and other bed problems
now think u mind that i will remove these than it will be i

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Saeed Ameeri wrote:

‎*Thanks to Mir Zafar Bashir Rind for his eye-opener*
*article "Social Problems". Although there are many but he has put his
finger on few problems in our society. Some problems such as drug addiction have*
*historical base and background. Raza Shah used this*
*weapon after occupation of western Balochistan after*
*1928. This menace came to eastern Balochistan after*
*Afghan war.*
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z.b bro agree with u thx 4 sharing these points