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Why most educated Baluch men & women are not educated in true sense and as per settled universal principles and facts but known as educated in our Baluch society?

The question asked above is not a wave of thoughts of an idle or words of a dormant. It has observed and is being observed by open eyes and minds of prudent/wise persons through many years of watching and protecting as watchdogs with this outcome that the educated Baloch men and women are not educated in real sense and in accordance with universally accepted knowledge of humankind of all level and experience.

What is the pivotal point of the stated phenomenon or what are the main and actual hurdles/obstacles of the mentioned situation of hollowness of Baluch men and women?

Mind of me, intermittently and periodically, became jammed to proceed or think in past as I experienced the said situation when a famous and popular educated man or woman became statue of ignorance and used power of a strong and biggest ignorant person of the world then resultantly , my mind thought that about them as they did it for sole and only purpose of  nothing but showing that there was no one except them as educated and literate denial of others as other  were first animals of the this universe and world!

What are causes of this situation in my mind 1-Actually they are not educated and mature, they are only dubbed as such by majority of uneducated and ignorant of our Baluch society or they found an opportunity for their popularity and famousness at cost of publics ignorance as they are production –engines of knowledge and intellect/wisdom (some Baluch poets are come to this category).

2-Some of them (Baluch women and men) acquire true, rational and logical knowledge and education firstly they become known as such but then after they do not study or acquire said knowledge and education and make themselves conventional and wasting material of no use or useful for status quo but their previous prominence make them “zaant kaar”. In fact, they are cheating and fraudulent persons not educated in real sense to make common people hypnotized or foolish to think so forever as they are Zaant kaar!

3-The common men and women are ignorant and not aware about what is fruitful, rational, productive, true, constructive and logical knowledge or what is useless, irrational, unproductive ,illogical and destructive education.
4- The policies of states of “Pokistan and Gajar” are conducive to make such Baluch people known as educated and literate for using them as tools to protect their illegitimate, unwarranted and illegal interests to make the Baluch further slaves and fiefs of them.
Now it is your turn to state and explain further more….

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we missed the real guidence, our youth was guided for any type of education
Dr Nasir

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You have mentioned why most educated Baluch men & women are not educated in true sense. I am just adding my views.
Let’s see what is education?
   “Education derives from the verb educe, which means ‘to draw forth from within.’”

Only Certificates has no relevance as to what makes someone a better person. It’s the awareness that make a person different from others because of his / her behavior, humility, truthfulness, and devotion to his/her nation and surroundings.
If a person have a vast knowledge, have read lots of books and know how to impress people by his/ her wordings do not means he / she is educated , because education means :
•   Being mentally mature.
•   To have the ability of judging the incorrect and correct.
•   To sense the destructive elements of society.
•   Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.
•   Education is the act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual

   But it’s our misfortune that most of the so-called educated people of Baloch society are educated only by names. They aren’t familiar with what is education and what is their responsibility being educated.
Most of the well known educated person as u said, “They are only dubbed”. intensely most of the evils are spreading due to the degree holders educated.

   We are just getting the chance to use the technology and most of us are using it in a destructive way. Because therez no one to give awareness to the people about the destruction. No one is even ready to point out such issues. Because we are not enough mature to judge such things we just have degrees not awareness.

   Some person learned speaking English from different language centers and called Educated are the great source of destroying our mother tongue. They feel proud by mixing English wordings in Balochi. Again I don’t take such people as educated because they don’t have sense that they are demolishing their own mother tongue.
The teachers! those are the pillars of the society. It’s their duty to build the character of students such as :
•   To give them the awareness about the values of Baloch society.
•   Tell them about etiquette and morals.
•   To aware them about ruinous effects of Cable.
•   To enlighten how a boy can deceive a girl in different ways such as sharing her photos with others. Recording her conversation etc. 
But our teachers never obtain it as their sense of duty some of them just take no notice of them, they think it’s the duty of their parents and some of themselves are involved in false activates.
   Now the parents. Most of them don’t know how to read or write but have the awareness of what’s wrong and what’s right. They know the do’s and don’ts of Baloch society, try their best to teach their children but rejected because the youth think they are old fashioned and uneducated because don’t have degrees like them.
   And the supposed educated parents give importance only to their jobs, not the personality building of their children.

There are only few parents and teachers and true educated persons who are performing their duties honestly.

Now the Question is who will change all this ???
Who is going to make people aware ???
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Salam everyone... this topic is great. A nice point picked up by brother Mir Z.B. Rind and well taken care of by (sister?) Tanaz. Baloch.

To the question raised at the end... "who will change all this"... i think the answer is right in front of us... in this thread, it's brothers and sisters like you who are thinking and questioning the norms of the society we are living in... it's steps like these which make the Baloch minds think about themselves that is going to bring about a change, insha Allah.

Meher Baloch

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Dear Z.B and tanaz baloch..

Good words... but wht is the point ? i really missed the point..may be i m not tht educated..

Can u guys elaborate... in simple english please bcoz i have never been to a enlgish language center..
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i do not get the gest of the write-up. one reason may be the sentences are too long , often violating the rules of grammar. being verbous and rehtorical is not gud for writing a piece related to social sciences.
plz try to be as simple as u can.

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@ tanaz.
you have gud writing skills and gud command over the language. keep it up

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i do not get the gest of the write-up. one reason may be the sentences are too long , often violating the rules of grammar. being verbous and rehtorical is not gud for writing a piece related to social sciences.
plz try to be as simple as u can.
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