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Hassam Qazi...
« on: April 27, 2005, 08:54:02 PM »
A friend?s friend

By Saleem Shahid

 ?Hassam Qazi dies in Karachi after suffering a massive heart attack? ? the news spread like the proverbial wild fire throughout the country on the evening of July 3. Hassam had moved to Karachi from Quetta to honour his showbiz commitments. According to sources close to the family, he was only 43 at the time of his death.

Hassam Qazi was different in many ways. As an Accounts teacher, he wanted to see his students as meticulous accountants. On the other hand, Hassam, with his suave personality, had a natural flair for acting. ?I don?t have much time, so I can?t afford to delay anything,? was one of his pet sentences. Did he have a premonition of what was to happen?

Hassam was one of the few actors from PTV Quetta centre who are well-educated. He was a linguist, as apart from his mother tongue, Balochi, he had very good command over other local languages such as Pushto, Brahvi and Punjabi, besides English and Urdu. He was also a man of integrity.

During his student days, he joined Radio Pakistan, Quetta, as a Balochi news reader. He continued the job till he completed his education and later joined the education department as a lecturer in commerce. In the meantime, he teamed up with actor Jamal Shah to work in theatre.

After his debut in local language plays, Hassam was given a leading role in the famous PTV Quetta centre serial, Chaon, in 1986. Producer Kazim Pasha handpicked him for the role and Hassam did not disappoint.

Chaon was the turning point in Hassam?s showbiz career and bigger and better offers followed. He again signed the Urdu drama, Sangchoor, but it wasn?t till Marvi that Hassam Qazi really proved his mettle and his fan-following increased manifold.

He worked in countless plays and serials and earned laurels in plays depicting Baloch history, such as Chakar-i-Azam and Mehrab Khan. Hassam left a lasting impression on viewers and his style and sublimity will always be fondly remembered.


Hassam Qazi?s memory will always be cherished by his many fans. Here, some of his closest showbiz peers recollect their memories of the artist and the person.

Jamal Shah: Hassam was a very sensitive person, a true artist who proved his worth and class whenever he got the chance. Hassam and I remained together for some time when I started theatre in 1985, during our time at the Balochistan University. He was talented and hardworking, and well aware of his surroundings. Hassam was a good friend and a very good performer. The country has lost a versatile artist and a sensitive person who was always eager to help others.

Ayub Khosa: It feels like I have lost a brother. We were the best of friends and very close to each other. I always used to tell Hassam to be careful of friends who would use him. I would find him worrying about his brothers, friends and relatives, talking about their problems and trying to find solutions. I know many people who did not repay his kindness and who took undue advantage of him.

He was man of integrity who always preferred hard work and never threw down his arms. As far as his talent is concerned, he was a great artist who reached the top of his profession through honesty and dedication. Though death is unavoidable, Hassam?s was untimely.

Asal Din Khan: Hassam Qazi was a friend?s friend. He was a simple, kind-hearted, beautiful person who was always ready to help others. Though he was a successful artist, he was never arrogant. The vacuum created by his death can never be filled for his family, friends and fans. We will always remember him with love and respect, as such people always remain in the hearts of those who knew them.

Hassam Qazi leaves behind a widow, two young daughters and a minor son.

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Hassam Qazi...
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2005, 03:59:15 PM »
Thank you dear brother Jawad Raeesi for sharing this article. Sudden demise of this man is really a big loss of our Baloch community.
He was not only a great artist of Pakistan Television but also a great human being. He was an active member of Baloch Musical and Cultural Society.
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