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Baluchi Rugs:Baluchi Kalli
« on: October 02, 2011, 09:08:02 PM »
Baluchi Kalli
السجاد البلوشي
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We specialize in antique small rugs from Baluchistan. These are all collectible examples of nomad art. Each piece utilizes the design skills and showcases the individuality of each weaver. Each rug is hand-woven using beautiful vegetable dyed Baluchi wools. Because of the small size of these pieces different weaving techniques and design elements are used which are rarely found in the larger rugs of this region. These pieces were woven with utility in mind. We see saddlebags, animal trappings, tent trappings, grainbags and small rugs, all woven to be used and embellish the daily lives of these nomads. In our homes of today these small pieces also have many uses. They make beautiful floor or bench pillows, sofa pillows, wall hangings and table runners.
We know you will enjoy owning, appreciating , studying and using these small unique rugs. Please scroll through and galleries, email with any questions you may have and start collecting these beautiful works of art!
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