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« on: February 15, 2006, 03:36:11 PM »
The Philosophy of Balochi Calendar

Until the 1 st day of April, 1990, the Baloch Nation used Arabic, Gregorian or a Parsi solar/lunar calendar to determine their dates, feast days and special occasions. They now use their own Balochi calendar which started on 21 st April1990 Gregorian (1 Dardranz 65 Balochi 13 years ago) and aligns with the Gregorian calendar as follows. The era (1 Dardranz Balochi) is the date of the birth of the 1st Balochi literary hero, Sayad Zahoor Shah Hashumi, in the city of Gowadar Balochistan in the month of April 21 st 1926. Although there is an obvious relationship with the Nourooz Solar Calendar, there is only one month difference between Nourooz and Balochi Calendar. Parsi is celebrating their Nourooz on the arrival of Parwardin and Balochis are on the arrival of Urdibahesht. The Balochis literary academic institution states that these dates are fixed relative to the Gregorian calendar. The actual arrival of spring is on April 21 st of each year.

This Calendar is still uncompleted because there are not Holly days, Hero days and celebrating days,

But with your good support and cooperation it will be completed in the next coming years.

Chart of comparison for the Baluchi Months of the Year

Balochi Month (with Parsi)
1. Dardranz (Urdibaheshth)
 April 21 st – May 20 th
2 . Karra (Hordad)
 May 21 st – June 20 th
3. Leep (Teer)
 June 21 st – July 20 th
4. Shahegan (Amurdad)
 July 21 st – August 20 th
5. Towshan (Shahriwar)
 August 21 st – September 20 th
6. Irayan (Mehr)
 September 21 st – October 20 th
 Balochi Month (with Parsi)
7. Takraichan (Aaban )
 October 21 st – November 20 th
8. Tamouran (Aazar)
 November 21 st – December 20 th
9. Gowapshan (Dey)
 December 21 st – January 20 th
10. Sabban (Bahman)
 January 21 st – February 20 th
11. Ansak (Espand)
 February 21 st – March 20 th
12. Daimwashan (Parwardin)
 March 21 st – April 20 th

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Amazing Information baut Balochi Calender
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2006, 02:24:33 PM »
I never heard these names fo Balochi Months in 24 yrs of my  life.I
must thank your for this.

Good Work Indeed
Mennat Waar,

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« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2007, 10:03:14 PM »
please tell me the source of this information.......... from where did you hear? from where did you read?
There is a very big problem with Baloch scholars (so-called), that they never do research on matters,,,, they just sit in a room, and invent words (terms) in Balochi language without trying to find out that whether any word exists for that particular thing in the langauge or not...........

I never heard of these month names,,,,,,,,, being nationalistic does not mean not doing research,,,,,,,,
being nationalistic does not mean ignoring facts............

I have heard balochi names for months,,,, not a single type, but of two types,,,, the months which have 30 days, and the months which have 40 days,,,,,,,,, means we have 2 calenders to mention,,,,,,,, someone research on these, please,,,,,,,

i may be wrong, but certainly keep the right to ask about the authentication of the above information...