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Mana He English Labzani Balochi Translation Darkaar ent
« on: September 25, 2014, 10:15:51 PM »
Mana He English Labzani Balochi Translation Darkaar ent, Parcha k Man o Mani Sangat site e sara kaar kanaga e aur site yak social network website ent. man lota ishea a Complete Balochi'e Taha Bekana.

// Balochi Translation'e Darkaar ent

'Sign Up';
'Full name';
'Current City';
'Type the letters in the captcha';
'Username or e-mail';
'Search Results';
'See all results';
'My Profile';
'My Pages & Groups';
'Follow requests';
'Liked pages';
'Groups Joined';
'Search for online friends';
'View previous messages';
'No messages to show';
'Write a message';
'Edit Profile';
'Change avatar';
'Change cover';
'Reposition cover';
'Drag to reposition';
'Lives in';
'Post Filters';
'Post by Others';
'What\'s going on?';
'Write something... #hashtags @mentions';
'Write a comment... Press Enter to post';
'people likes this';
'People who likes this';
'People who shared this';
'No likes yet!';
'No shares yet!';
'Delete post';
'View all comments';
'View previous posts';
'Create Page';
'Name of your page';
'Username, e.g. balochofficial';
'Write about your page...';

'Admin Roles';
'Add admins';
'Page Likes';

'Allow people to send messages to Page';
'Allow people to post on Page\'s timeline';

// Groups
'Create Group';
'Name of your group';
'Username, e.g. Germany_Supporters_Group';
'Write about your group...';

'Add Members';
'Group Settings';
'Who can add members to this group?';
'Who can post on this group';

'Anyone can see and join the group';
'Anyone can see and request to join the group. Requests can be accepted or declined by admins';
'Only members can access the group';

// More
'Pages You Manage';
'You do not have any pages to manage';
'Groups You Manage';
'You do not have any groups to manage';

// Settings
'General Settings';
'Privacy Settings';
'Timeline Avatar';
'Timeline Cover';

'Confirm request when someone follows you';
'Who can follow you';
'Who can message you';
'Who can comment on your posts';
'Who can post on your timeline';

'Current password';
'New password';
'Update password';

// Search
'Search using name, username, email or ID';

'Search results';

// Hashtag
'See what\'s happening!';
'Search for posts using #hashtag';

// Terms
'Privacy Policy';
'Terms of Use';

'About Us';
'Contact Us';

// Buttons
'Save Changes';

// Others
'Log Out';

'You have added all your followers as admins of this Page.';
'Editors have same abilities as Admins except they cannot add or remove any admins or editors.';
'You cannot reply to this conversation';
'Changes saved!';
'Closed Group';
'Your captcha is incorrect.';
'Invalid username and/or password.';
'Please fill in all login details.';
'Please fill in all registration details.';
'Please verify your email first.';
'Forgot Password';
'Learn more about Groups';
'Share different things with different people';
'Groups let you share things with the people who will care about them most. By creating a group for each of the important parts of your life — family, teammates, coworkers — you decide who sees what you share.';
'Who can you add to a group?';
'You can add anyone who is following you.';
'Who can join your group?';
'Anyone can join your group if your group\'s privacy is set to Open. For Closed groups, anyone can request to join but requests have to be accepted by admins first. Secret groups are not visible to anyone but only the members of the group.';
'likes this';
'Log In';
'Login with Facebook';
'There are no admins.';
'does not have any follow requests.';
'has no followers yet.';
'You do not have any followers to add to this group.';
'You do not have any followers to add as an admin of this Page.';
'has not followed anyone yet.';
'has not joined any groups yet.';
'has not liked any pages yet.';
'You do not have any notifications';
'No one';
'No result found!';
'Open Group';
'About Pages';
'Brand your Page';
'Add a unique cover photo and showcase your most important news on your Page timeline.';
'Connect with a wide range of people';
'Post new updates so people who cares knows what\'s going on and what matters.';
'We have sent you an e-mail with instructions to reset your password. Please check your inbox.';
'We could not recognize your username/e-mail.';
'Passwords do not match.';
'People I Follow';
'Please wait';
'Get notifications';
'Stop notifications';
'This story does not exist anymore.';
'What are you listening?';
'What are you watching?';
'Where are you?';
'Reset Password';
'Request Password Reset';
'Save Position';
'Secret Group';
'shared this';
'was tagged on this';
'Upload Photo';
'Registration successful. We have sent you an email. Please check your inbox/spam to verify your email ID.';
<h2>Sorry, this page isn\'t available</h3>
<h3>The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.</h5>';

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