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Balochi Baby Names - Android Application
« on: September 05, 2015, 01:02:35 AM »
اینڈروڈ واستہ ما یک مبایل ایپلیکشن جوڈ کُتگ کہ بلوچی زهگانی شریں نام شمارا دست کپی.
ڈنلوڈ کت کنت گوگل پلے سٹور ءَ چے
Download link:

Want to find Balochi baby names?
This app will help you! It randomly picks a name from database and you can choose the one you like. You may find a baby name for your baby girl or baby boy with meanings.
بلوچی نام ءِ شوهازءَ ات؟
بلوچی چوکانی شریں نام شمارا دست کپی گون نام ءِ معنا ءُ بزانت ءَ اے اینڈروڈ اپلیکیشن ءَ گوں

Interested in contributing to the Balochi Names app?
You can contribute by sending us BALOCHI names with their meanings! Send Email to
شما بهر زورگ لوٹت؟
اگن شما لوٹت اے نامانی برجم کنگا ءُ نامانی بزانتانی درگیجگ ءَ مئے مدت بکنے گڑا مئے سرا ناماں راه دات کن انت مئے ایمل ادرس سرا

Every nation or group of people has specific characteristics such as language and culture.
There are some customs, rules and traditions in a people’s culture, which distinguishes a group of people/ nation from others. The issue of “NAME” is one of these distinguishing factors. Name reflects life’s various aspects, feelings, history, relationships and circumstances.