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Title: TIME IS MONEY...."Managing Your Time" is success...
Post by: Mehhlab Baloch on November 09, 2006, 07:08:31 PM
Managing your time

By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

Time is a common possession amongst all, yet everyone is in search of more time to complete their tasks. Successful people are those who take full advantage by using their time through careful planning and keeping their future goals in mind. Here are a few dos and don’ts that would help you to manage your time in a more productive manner.

List down the important things

People have a habit of complaining for their lack of time. Before complaining, try listing down all the things that you wish to complete today, tomorrow or in the next week.

Plan your time

Allocate reasonable amount of time to the things you have listed down. Don’t be too harsh on yourself; at the same time avoid giving more time to small things. For instance, giving two hours a day for studies is fine but assigning a whole day doing an assignment is unfair.

Choose wisely

Life is full of choices and choosing the right thing makes the difference. Try to work on things that are more important to you, the tasks of lesser value would be done easily once you get the big load of your chest. Doing homework is more important than going for a walk.

Organise your mind

Sometimes things aren’t that difficult but they are jumbled up in your mind and create stress. Jot down all the important things that you have done. This not only reduces stress, but gives you a clear view of what else needs to be done.

Take help
Sometimes taking help saves time. If you can’t iron your clothes because you have an exam the next day, ask your siblings or mother to iron them for you.

Stay ahead

When scheduling and making a daily plan, always remember to give fifty per cent more time than needed in case of interruptions and mishaps. Suppose you have to submit an assignment a week later. Try to complete it in the next five days and leave two days for emergencies, maybe your work would be halted by a power failure or your computer may breakdown.

Surf when only needed

Try not to surf the internet without any aim. Checking mail and searching for your homework or presentation material is important but clicking aimlessly and visiting websites that waste time should be avoided at all costs.

Learn to say no

Helping others is a good deed but sometimes it causes trouble for you. In order to help the other person you may not be able to complete your own work. So don’t hesitate to say ‘No’.

Rise early

When you have an important task upon your shoulders, try to wake up early to start your work. Not only you would feel fresh but it’s my own experience that the early you wake, the longer becomes the day for you.

Enjoy life too

Sometimes we get so obsessed with saving time that in the process, forget that enjoying life is also important. Try to plan in such a way that you get your work done and get some leisure time too.

Chat less

Whether it’s chatting on the Net or the telephone, avoid it unless it’s a real urgent message you want to give.

Skip parties

Some people put their studies on stake and go to parties and birthdays and other social gatherings for enjoyment. You are responsible for yourself so try putting these events aside. The time you complete your work would be a big celebration for you.

Use your spare time
Managing time doesn’t only mean how you plan your time; it also means how effectively you use your spare time. When travelling, keep a book to let you pass your time in a productive manner.
Title: Re: TIME IS MONEY...."Managing Your Time" is success...
Post by: Perozai R!nd on November 09, 2006, 07:17:20 PM
Dont Manage Time, Manage Yourself.Thats The Way To Get Success In ur Life .. o|||
Title: It Is Right To Be a Left Hander !!!
Post by: Mehhlab Baloch on November 09, 2006, 07:19:23 PM
Cover Story: It's right to be a left-hander!

By Rabab Abedi

 Who says being left-handed is a curse? As the saying goes, "Everyone is born right-handed... but only the greatest overcome it". Being a 'lefty' isn't wrong … it is just different and so can be said for all those who use their left hand for daily work including cooking, cleaning or eating! Some use both their right and left with ease while a majority is right all the way. It definitely runs in the genes and if you have it, then you will have the tendency to produce more lefties!

Each year since 1976, Left-handers International celebrates August 13 as International Left-handers Day. As the name suggests, the day promotes awareness about the inconveniences faced by left-handers in a predominantly right-handed world where at least 85 per cent of the population is just right!

Only left-handers are in their right minds!

Debatable though, it is a common belief that the left handers are more intelligent and creative than the right-handed people. This is associated with the right hand side of the brain, which controls all the genius and is correlated with artistic and visual skill.

The brain is cross-wired so that the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body as well as speech, language, writing, logic, mathematics and science. The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body as well as music, art, creativity, perception, emotions and genius. This could explain why so many artists and musicians are lefties.

Why only a few people are left handed and others are not?

It is a common belief that left-handedness runs in the family but it’s not the only cause. Even if both the parents are left-handed, there is only 26 per cent chance that their child would be a leftie. One widely accepted theory is that if the brain is damaged during the birth process it results in one being left -handed.

Similar to this is another theory which says that the ultrasound scans may affect the brain of the unborn children, causing higher rates of left handedness in children of mothers who have ultrasound scans compared to those who do not.

Well, no one knows for sure why some people are left-handed and others are right-handed. We hope science will have more concrete answer in the times to come.

Advantages and disadvantages

Where there are a number of disadvantages attached, in certain fields left-handedness is advantageous. Like in cricket, being a left-hander is an added advantage as bowlers and batsmen get included in a side because of this difference!

As far as disadvantages are concerned, we find that almost all the daily tools and devices are designed to be comfortably used with the right hand; for instance, scissors, door knobs, handles, computer mouse, rulers, etc., Writing becomes a tedious task for students who are left-handed, because left-handed writing is a mirror image to that of the right-hander, making this process more difficult.

According to some religions, left-handedness is prohibited as it is considered as a sign of Satanic influence. Being a Muslim it is our belief that the good deeds are counted by the angel on our right side while the bad deeds are registered by the angel on the left shoulder. If we look at left-handedness as a global entity, one would be shocked to know that it is forbidden to accept and eat by the left hand in Indonesia, Chinese societies encourage lefties to switch to being righties, while Arabs feel that all deeds except eating should be done from the left hand!

A lot of famous personalities have been left-handers, namely English novelist James Baldwin, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, H.G. Wells, scientist Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin while the great Michelangelo and Raphael along side Leonardo da Vinci (not Ninja Turtles but the famous artist) were left-handers. Even the last three US presidents before George W. Bush — Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton — were left-handers!

Famous Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan and Oscar winner Morgan Freeman, Matrix Star Keanu Reeves, hard-hitting batsman Sanath Jayasuriya, world-record holder Brian Lara, former Australian great Sir Allan Border and West Indian all-rounder Sir Garry Sobers were all left-handers who dominated their fields despite not being 'right'.

A page from the diary of a leftie…

Being left-handed has never made me feel lesser than right-handed people. I guess that has a lot to do with the fact that I got a lot of support from my family.

The only problem I find is the reaction from people in the society (culturally). In the Muslim world it is generally considered bad to eat with your left hand and to give people things with your left hand, etc. Whenever I go out anywhere and eat with my left hand, it becomes a little embarrassing the way people tend to look at you; as if the left hand is unclean or something like that. What most people don't seem to think about is that left-handed people are just like right-handed people, the only difference being that right handed people use the left side of their brain to think and thus do all of their work with their right hand, since the left side of our brain control the right side of our body. In the same way, I think with the right side of my brain and so I use my left hand to do everything. Everything that other people do with their right hand I do with my left.

Lefties — managing in a right world

Having to live daily in a world designed for righties is at times hard for the left handed people. Read some of the listed problems they face daily and try to give them a room in this world where everything is born right!

• They have to use special "lefty" scissors, peelers and knives (if the knife has the blade on one side only)

• Every time they write, their hand smears the fresh ink across the page (since they write from left to right). Righties' hands do not touch the ink until they get to the next line, so the ink has a few seconds to dry.

• Lefties have little choice where they get to sit at large dinners, lest they bump elbows with a righty.

• Lefties have little choice where they get to sit in lecture halls. Often the only left-handed desks are at the end of the row. Lefties can't sit in the middle, unless they want to have a hard time writing.

• When writing in a three-ring binder (or spiral notebook), the rings get in the way of their hands when they write on the front side of the paper. (Righties have this problem when writing on the back of the paper, but this is easier to avoid.)

• Many "commonly" used keys are on the right side of the keyboard. For example: backspace, enter, arrows, and numeric keypad. · Computer mouse is generally set up so that the "main" button is the index finger for righties. If you want to use the mouse with your left hand, the "main" button is under your less-adept ring finger.

• Bike helmet chin-strap buckles are easier to release with your right hand.

• Lefties have to use their own "left-handed" hockey sticks, etc. This means they can’t borrow their friends' equipment.

• Car stick-shifts are on the left side of the driver. Less frequently used controls, such as headlight switches, are on the right side.

• Camera shutter buttons are often on the right. Pressing the button with our less-dexterous hand makes it harder for lefties to hold the camera steady while taking a picture.

So if your sibling or friend is a left hander, don't treat him/her differently. They might go on to become a famous artist or a great leader. Respect them so that they can respect you too. After all, not everyone’s perfect, right (or left)?
Title: Re: TIME IS MONEY...."Managing Your Time" is success...
Post by: Mehhlab Baloch on November 09, 2006, 07:22:08 PM
Dont Manage Time, Manage Yourself.Thats The Way To Get Success In ur Life .. o|||
 Brother i am very well managed...arranged...organized...etc
Title: Re: TIME IS MONEY...."Managing Your Time" is success...
Post by: Perozai R!nd on November 09, 2006, 07:25:42 PM
 Brother i am very well managed...arranged...organized...etc
Sis This Msg Was For EveryOne.
Title: Re: TIME IS MONEY...."Managing Your Time" is success...
Post by: mahhgonag on November 09, 2006, 10:04:56 PM
its really good k hum bhi kuch kaam k log hain i mean left handers....
warna maaraa dors gushaan k ancho lageet k tara h waar nakan
Title: Re: TIME IS MONEY...."Managing Your Time" is success...
Post by: Perozai R!nd on November 12, 2006, 05:39:11 PM
Well I am Right In Hand But Left In Foot.So What About Such cases Sis mehlab????
Title: Re: TIME IS MONEY...."Managing Your Time" is success...
Post by: Zaferan on January 31, 2007, 03:38:20 PM
Cover Story: It's right to be a left-hander!

Kis magazine ki cover story. ???????????? :)
Title: Re: TIME IS MONEY...."Managing Your Time" is success...
Post by: Mehhlab Baloch on January 31, 2007, 06:55:54 PM
I guess it was a Young World....