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Title: Great are Sons and the Mountains of Balochistan
Post by: Hamgerench on February 22, 2008, 03:50:21 PM
By Ahmar Mustikhan

They are tigers, sons of the tigers of Balochistan

They keep roaring in high mountains and vales Pakistan

generals, blood of people, in their hands

Are no match for the proud sons of Balochistan

Our blood curls as we still mourn the Nawab?s death

Cowardly pygmies in uniform rejoice over a battle won

Rather than surrender and live the shame that?s slavery

On camel?s back a brave old man kept his youthful pride

On the side of Bugti?s grave the Baloch can go and say

Here lies our Nawab brave, and the bravery lives on

What a shame your slogan of hate, death is that God is great

For tiger cubs nothing greater than mountains of Balochistan

We are proud of you heroes Brahamdagh and Bala?ach

You proved Bugtis and Marris are the nose of the Baloch

Handsome and rugged as the hills of Balochistan

Your struggles in blood and tears would not go in vain.