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Title: Alone
Post by: BiRousK on April 04, 2008, 12:17:39 AM
I've been walking on the road of life
from the day i came in this world
it's been a long time,quite long...
I've been walking alone
Never cared about it before
Always walked lost in thoughts
Never seeing around or ahead
but yeahh i saw the beauty around me
the seasons through which i passed
like someone walks through fog
I've seen many seasons n scenaries
some of the color of friendship
and others of serenity,morality
some of reckless storms of fear
some of dark never ending pains
I saw festives around me
poeple dancing with their partners
hands in hands,arms in arms
I saw with awe and wonder
then i saw friends hooking up
always with each other
quarelling,teasing and laughing
again i was surprised
i passed through many palces
but i always walked alone
sometimes someone accompanied me
but for a little time
Don't know whether they could'nt
walk with me or was it Me
who couldn't walk with them
I could never understand this
But I know one thing
I'm walking n walking on this road
I'm walking alone,and
I know I'll always walk alone..