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Title: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Rind Baba on August 08, 2005, 09:13:42 PM
This is a poem
about a little boy
who went to school everyday
with his favorite toy

you see, no one knew why
but this boy was alone
he would sit in the corner
waiting to go home

it seemed to the others
that this boy was strange
but no one had realized
that his life had just changed

this boy always looked
to the kids playing outside
a tear would roll down
then he would go hide

his favorite toy
happened to be a bear
this bear, knew the boys biggest secret
and why he would never share

he was doing well in school
for he was wise beyond his years
then suddenly one day
he broke down in tears

his peers didn't know what to do
for they were only five
he wound up in hospital
barely alive

this little boy had cancer
and he knew it too
even though he didn't want to believe
that it was true

once his mother arrived
she seemed in a daze
she knew her boy was upset
but thought it was just a phase

she explained to the doctors
that his father just died
then she started blaming herself
because all she did was cry

she didn't pay attention
to her sweet little boy
or why he went to school that day
without his favorite toy

he knew what was coming
because he saw his dad
that night when he was dreaming
and he told him not to be sad

the doctors were shocked
this boy is only five
and he had already lost his dad
and is fighting to survive

"why weren't you here sooner?"
asked the doctor in surprise
the boy just sighed
as tears filled his eyes

"I knew it wouldn't matter,
for I am going to die,
so why should I sit at home
and watch my mummy cry?

I would rather go to heaven
and play catch with my dad,
up there it's safe to know
that things wouldn't be as bad.

As much as I love my mummy,
I'm just keeping her here
She could do a lot in life,
without me to cause her tears.

I don't want to leave her
But it will be for the best
Down here I am suffering
Up there I can rest."

the doctor just looked
at the wisest boy he'd met
with pain in his eyes
but knew he had little time left

he walked out of the room
in search of the mother
she ran into the room
and they hugged one another

"It's okay mummy,
I'll be alright."
but the boy didn't go on
until his mothers tears were out of sight.

"Mummy I didn't tell anyone,
because I knew I'd have to leave.
it would only make things harder
if they knew about this disease.

If they became my friends
Then I'd try harder to survive
But then I'd be in pain for longer
Then I wouldn't want to be alive."

"It's okay I understand,
My sweet baby boy.
And I've got something for you,
It's your favorite toy."

The boy took the bear
And hugged it with all his might
Because he knew
He wouldn't make it through the night.

"I love you so much son,
More than you'll ever know
But I don't know how
I could just let you go."

The boy just smiled and said
"I love you mum."
Like he had said a million times
Since he started sucking on his thumb.

The mother hugged her son
But didn't cry
And when she didn't feel her son hug her back
She knew he had just died.

From that day on
The mother never cried
When she was upset
She'd just wave at the sky.

Very Sad Poem Its Feel Me Really To Cry
Title: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on September 25, 2005, 07:07:32 PM

When things go wrong,
as they sometimes will,

When the road you're trudging
seems uphill,

When the funds are low and
the debts are high,

and you want to smile,
but you have to sigh,

When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must . . . but don't you quit.

Success is failure turned inside out,
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt.
And you never can tell
how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar.

So, stick to the fight
when you're hardest hit . . .

It's when things go wrong
that you musn't quit.
Title: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: DesertRose on October 03, 2005, 07:04:01 PM
Thank you for the lovely poems.

They really touched my heart.
Title: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on February 25, 2006, 10:28:03 AM
A Ballade of Suicide
G.K. Chesterton

The gallows in my garden, people say,
Is new and neat and adequately tall;
I tie the noose on in a knowing way
As one that knots his necktie for a ball;
But just as all the neighbours on the wall
Are drawing a long breath to shout "Hurray!"
The strangest whim has seized me. . . After all
I think I will not hang myself to-day.

To-morrow is the time I get my pay
My uncle's sword is hanging in the hall
I see a little cloud all pink and grey
Perhaps the rector's mother will NOT call
I fancy that I heard from Mr. Gall
That mushrooms could be cooked another way
I never read the works of Juvenal
I think I will not hang myself to-day.

The world will have another washing-day;
The decadents decay; the pedants pall;
And H.G. Wells has found that children play,
And Bernard Shaw discovered that they squall;
Rationalists are growing rational
And through thick woods one finds a stream astray,
So secret that the very sky seems small
I think I will not hang myself to-day.
Title: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on March 20, 2006, 01:07:01 PM
Walking around with a great big smile
This girl with such a "great" lifestyle
It seems like nothing could go wrong
For this girl who seems so strong

She's labeled lucky everyday
"You're so perfect," her friends say
Oh but if they only knew
That these words are far from true

For she's crying deep inside
The teardrops that she has to hide
The heart inside that always breaks
All behind this smile she fakes

And no one sees the hidden tears
That she's held back all these years
The secrets that she must contain
Behind the laugh that hides the pain
Title: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: DesertRose on March 20, 2006, 05:27:00 PM
Dear Bro Fahad

I love this Poem because its so real most of the time we assume that the ones we see with big smiles are always the happiest but no one knows the pain that hides behind the fake smile.

Thanks for sharring it with us  :)
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Mahgul on April 15, 2006, 05:39:37 PM
When life gets hard

When Life Gets hard
i wanted to fine some words on a card.
That would help to get thru it when life gets so hard.
It seems you can't bear it-perhaps can't go on-
When deep in the heart there's no trace of a song.

  Some words that would comfort-
when late in the night the trials return and-
You're too tired to fight.
Or the tears flow so often it seems you'll run dry.
And life gets so tough that you just want die-
Or at least go and hide-
When you're safe from all pain.
someplace you can rest'til you find joy agian.

    What are the words you so need to hear-
That will help and will heal and remove all the fear-
That builds up inside'til you think you'll explode-
Wat are the words that will highten the load?
If only i knew the right words to say.
To encourage and Bless you or comfort some way.
I know not the words but this i can do.
I shall offer up prayers to the father for you.
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on April 15, 2006, 11:02:44 PM
Faded Dream
by Dry Petals
A joke
a game
a score for him
turned my life
changing me forever.
maybe I wouldn't have stayed pure
but his deceit
was a dose of the devil
that spread through me
and not easily cured.

His hot sweaty body
muscular and heavy
weighed mine down
and blurred
my already drunk vision.
Telling me "hold tight"
taming my whimpers and squirms,
I closed my eyes in pain.

He took my innocence away
and who's to say
he regrets this day.
He was rewarded
for a piece of my life.
I may be bruised inside,
but growing strong
life me above
his poverty in spirit.
Alone I now find
a jewel so clear inside
that never really was taken.
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on April 17, 2006, 04:07:58 PM
I am gazing into the hollowness
as you are slowly floating away
into the distant mist of emptiness
sadness carves me your portray

Oh my angel,
I am going to love you
I will remember you

Watching it alone, so helplessly
as my dreams fast descending,
beyond reach, falling unwillingly
sorrow bathes me as it's expending

Oh my angel,
I am going to love you
I will remember you

My heart cannot overcome the pain,
end is near, it's shadow standing tall
darkness has obscured my sky, again,
as the love I need you cannot recall

And the rain begins to fall...


..........Crying so helplessly

Raining tears...

..........When our love ends

Deep inside my heart...

..........My world is over

As our love ends...

..........Into the shadows I fall


I am holding, within my soul
treasures of your memories,
moments, that made me whole


..........Crying so helplessly

Raining tears...

..........When our love ends

Deep inside my heart...

..........My world is over

As our love ends...

..........Into the shadows I fall

Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on May 17, 2006, 11:43:16 AM
And Yet I Die
by Marilyn  

I see the stars sparkling so bright,
Within the moon kissed sky.
I hear the lark so sweetly sing,
Amidst the morning dawn.
I smell the flower full in bloom,
And see their royal pomp.

And yet some place so deep within,
I'm shrouded and I'm closed.
The brilliance there I can't see,
In mists of misery.
Enshrined inside, unable thus,
To touch the warmth without.

I gaze upon this passion spent,

And yet . . . Inside I die
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on May 17, 2006, 11:45:34 AM
An Unwelcome Winter (An English Sonnet)
By Erica Hobgood

Tis December, my bones are frozen cold
My protection, my flesh, blue from the freeze
My hair turns white, my limbs fragile and old
For my condition there is no real ease

On sheets crisp like dying fall leaves I lie
The wind like my lungs labors in blowing
Concrete gray turns my skin as does the sky
My blood as the frozen stream stops flowing

The Earth and her six feet will stomp on me
Winter's casualty in a field of stone
No spring shall come; I shall just cease to be
And no rebirth nor new growth be known

Tis not the winter season here today
Tis my life's winter-my death and decay
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on May 23, 2006, 01:51:41 AM
It was my first time ever
And I'll never forget
I'd do it again
Without a single regret.

The sky was dark
The moon was high
We were all alone
Just she and I.

Her hair was soft
Her eyes were blue
I knew just what
She wanted to do.

Her skin so soft
Her legs so fine
I ran my fingers
Down her spine.

I didn't know how
But I tried my best
I started by placing
My hands on her breast.

I remember my fear
My fast beating heart
But slowly she spread
Her legs apart.

And when I did it
I felt no shame
All at once
The white stuff came.

At last it's finished
It's all over now
My first time ever
At milking a cow...
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on June 05, 2006, 08:46:29 PM
Angel Teardrops
by Kathleen Sheppard

My guardian angel, once careless and free,
flew into the clouds and lost touch with me.
Her tears were cold and wet, falling on my face.
Her smile had left us without a trace.

Her angelic lips quivered, frozen and scared,
I felt rain clouds visiting, and had to prepare.
I knew that angels, often content,
were very special presents that God had sent.

To see one so sad,
so afraid,
so alone,
had made me weep while the cold winds had blown.

Her wings lost feathers,
comforting and soft,
falling from the stars,
floating aloft.

Her pain was felt throughout the land,
to feel true misery is impossible to stand.
I prayed so that when her hurting stops,
I'll be able to taste the angel's teardrops
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on June 05, 2006, 09:17:15 PM
The Darkness
by Christinia  
If only it were so simple,
to cruise through life smelling roses;
but the obstacles blacken the countryside,
and we unwittingly crush them beneath our boots.

Dreams sustain us through the madness;
goals give a finish line to our race.
Yet they change with every turn, around every wall,
and remain elusive throughout the quest.

Mistakes are made, and regrets are our luggage;
we will drag them with us to slow us down.
The victories are flashes of light, sudden and unlasting, which allow us
to glimpse the road ahead before darkness descends.

Love is bitter, yet it is the bread that keeps us.
Over and over it fills us up, only to starve us.
The people whom we love shape our destinies and our strengths,
yet leave us cold and alone in the darkness.

There are others trying to race to the end;
occasionally, we bump into one or two.
The bonds we form help us down the path less lonely
but eventually, we lose each other in the darkness.

Alone is not a bad way to be;
it clears your head and focuses you on the journey.
Cherish the short intervals during the quest you have with others,
but be prepared to walk alone in the darkness. 
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on June 05, 2006, 09:19:04 PM
by Shamaya  
Every new beginning,
comes from some some beginnings end.

Every time you kill me,
I am born again.

Every time you close that door,
Another door is opened.

And every time you say goodbye,
a different word is spoken.

Every time you look at me
my back is facing you,

And every time you ask to see me
I'll have something else to do.

Every time I join your game,
You're not playing fair,

And every time I really love you,
I pretend that I don't care.
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on June 05, 2006, 09:20:46 PM
Discovery From Hell
by Jeff  

I just
found out
that I
am a
a real
no care
I just found out
that I am
no one
a nowhere person
I just found out
I didn't know
I was hiding
love of life
and the
wonderful people
in it
I just found out
that I have
gone astray
and didn't
even know it
I just found out 
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on June 19, 2006, 11:25:22 PM
I Can See The Pain
by Nikki

I still see your face in my dreams
It hurts and it doesn't help at all
I still want you in my life as crazy as that seems
I want you to catch me when I fall

I still remember the first time we met
There was something so different about you
Your friendship was something I wanted to get
That smile when you said hi to me was so new

Out of no where you called me on the phone
I wanted to sit there and talk to you forever
You were so new, so crazy and unknown
I just knew that our friendship would never sever

Two years and we are barely holding it together
What happened to the way this all used to be
I never wanted you out of my like ever
I sat there for a long time pretending not to see

We decided to go out and make it all all right
It didn't work out of course we knew it couldn't
We couldn't even really stand each others sight
It shouldn't end this way but it did and I shouldn't

I miss you and everything you were to me
Ten years from now we will look back on it all
We will be older and finally be able to see
That love will stand the test of time and never fall 
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on June 23, 2006, 06:42:07 PM
Anger in the Soul

There is a poison in your system,
Turns you insides dark and cold.
Blinds your eyes and dulls your senses.
Call it anger in the soul.

Temper flares, face flushes red,
Your closest friend, perceived as foe
It distorts your thoughts and judgment
Caustic anger in the soul.

Along with bitterness and hatred,
Spirit cancers eat a hole
Can manifest in living tissue,
Deadly anger in the soul.

With this poison in the life's blood,
The heart's an empty bowl.
Thus the bearer is the victim,
Of this anger in the soul.  

Holding on to anger is like picking up a hot coal to throw at someone. You’re the one who gets burned.
Bitterness, hatred and unforgiveness are spritual forms of cancer. And they are just as deadly as the physical ones.
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on June 23, 2006, 06:51:11 PM
Never forget those who lit your way  

If I was one thing, I'd be a candle
Lighting the way so you can handle
Your life easier without woes
Not having to fight with your foes.

I'd help keep you from stumbling over
Things blocking your path to an open door.
If I light your path, life is easier,
Even strong winds, my light will not deter.

No matter what, I'm here for you
To cheer you up when you are blue.
Do not fret when times get tough,
If things look down or kind of rough.

Just remember, I'm always here,
In your heart, close and near.
I will help you out in every way,
Happiness and love in your heart will stay.

Don't blow me out, that's one request
Unless it's me you do detest.
I do not try to hurt anyone
That isn't good or any fun.

But one day you may leave me behind
You may no longer need my light to shine.
If that day comes, go on your way
And I will hope to see you again one day.

If one day, I don't appear,
Do not worry, do not fear
I may be gone, but in your heart
The light I gave you did not depart.

It will be there forever and a day
To always bring happiness and light your way.
Farewell for now, I'm needed elsewhere
If your path grows dark, in your heart, I'm there.

So I'm really not gone, just not seen,
I would not leave, I'm not that mean.
Only one simple request that I must say,
Please, never forget those who lit your way.  
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on June 25, 2006, 04:34:32 PM
Seek Not My Heart
by Kit McCallum

Oh gentle winds 'neath moonlit skies,
Do not you hear my heartfelt cries?

Below the branches, here about,
Do not you sense my fear and doubt?
Side glistening rivers, sparkling streams,
Do not you hear my woeful screams?

Upon the meadows, touched with dew,
Do not you see my hearts a'skew?
Beneath the thousand twinkling stars,
Do not you feel my jagged scars?

Seek not my mournful heart kind breeze,
For you'll not find it 'mongst these trees.

It's scattered 'cross the moonlit skies,
Accompanied by heartfelt sighs.
It's drifting o're the gentle rain,
A symbol of my silent pain.

It's buried 'neath the meadow fair,
Conjoined with all the sorrow there.
It's lost among the stars this night,
Too far to ease my quiet fright.

No gentle winds, seek not my heart,
For simply ... it has torn apart.
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on June 25, 2006, 04:36:28 PM

by Christopher  

Hopelessly bound
by the chains of love's grip
- greatest gift,
fate's cruelest curse.

Wherefore do I weep
at knowing the joy,
the warmth,
at feeling the peace,
the fire.

Wherefore do I weep
unable to complete ,
to be,
unknown the kiss,
the flames.

Wherefore do I weep
at loving not living
seeing not touching
breathing not sharing
holding not loving?

because I, The Fool,
am no more? 
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on July 18, 2006, 05:40:30 PM
Of loving beauty you float with grace
If only you could hide your face

When i open my eyes every morning i pray to God
that everyone should have a friend like you....
Why should only i suffer!!!

When u feel sad....
To cheer up just go to the mirror and say,
“damn I am really so cute“ u will overcome your sadness.
But don“t make this a habit.....
Coz liars go to hell !!!!

My love you take my breath away
What have you stepped in to smell this way

My feelings for you no words can tell
Except for maybe “go to hell“
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on July 20, 2006, 04:45:45 PM

Once in a lifetime comes a love,
So sweet, so pure, so rare;
A flashing, brilliant, blinding light,
Like a comet through the air.

A love without rhyme or reason,
That knew no space or time;
Wrapped itself around my soul,
And captured this heart of mine.

There was something there so special,
Mere words cannot explain;
The way our hearts were intertwined,
And how that still remains.

A fabric woven tightly,
Each strand a color rare;
An intricate pattern of richness,
With beauty beyond compare.

Once in a lifetime comes a love,
With no beginning or no end;
The sweetest gift I ever shared,
With my love and my best friend.
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: Perozai R!nd on July 22, 2006, 05:41:36 PM
I prayed to God at night
I prayed he would bring you to me..
Or bring me to you
That we could see each other face to face
As I pray I cry
As I cry I pray
I pray and cry until I fall asleep
I am in love with you
And I want to share my life withyou
I can only see you in my dreams right now
I can only be with you there

I love you...
I love you, more than I ever thought possible
You are the one for me
And I can only hope..
That maybe I might be the one for you
Title: Re: Sad Poem Plz Read It
Post by: JML Albalooshi on May 29, 2009, 11:23:08 PM
this milking cow thing was funny...lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz