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Title: Three Martyrs of Makuran Valley‏ By Ahmar Musti Khan
Post by: Rind Baba on May 03, 2009, 03:40:44 AM

Dark clouds of slavery over the Pidarak hills for 61 odd years
There lie three bodies mutilated but recognized by people they love
Cowards known world over as the rogue army of Pakistan
Like always the liars say they don’t know who done that
A mother said even if she lost 100 such sons on a single day
Debts she had on her Baluch land would still remain unpaid
In their life they were heroes of Mekran Valley who walked tall
As they lay still, a raw pig poked fun over their last cup of tea
The three sons of Mekran were like the rising son of the East
Their bodies now give life to the land that is their final home
Martyrs of Mekran — Ghulam and Sher Mohammed, Lala Munir
My tears flow like a river, soul in torment, spirit outraged
The lovers who gave all to their beloved, a nation in chains
The blood shed in Turbat will herald the dawn of freedom