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Title: Balochi poetry
Post by: AlRaeisi on June 07, 2012, 06:39:34 AM


The Balochi poetry has it's own special merit. The Baluchi poems are both epic and narrative but seldom dramatic. The poet in ecstatic mood emerges himself in his hero, and paints a series of true pictures about his sword, his mare, his fights, his wanderings, his likes and dislikes.

Few of the British political officers have published Baluchi poems; but their works do not claim any substantial research either upon the life of the poets or of the age they flourished.

However, in true Baluchi poetry, we find more facts and truth than clean flattery and loose praises. The race brave in heart has ever been brave in poetic expression too. Perhaps, no poet of any nationality in the world, has so far satirized acrimoniously a ruling prince before his royal audience as did Nasser Khan1(Baluchi poet).

Mohammad Sardar Khan Baloch