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« on: May 28, 2006, 02:11:24 AM »

I really have no idea of how many members here are using Bittorrent, but I and Nohani are using it. If you have a broadband DSL or cable connection, you should try using it. By the time you get addicted, you would be sucking up the ISPs traffic and your neighbors would be having a tough time surfing (if you are on cable).

What is Bittorent? Why use Bittorrent? How to use Bittorent? These are some of the questions that Ill try to answer in this post.

First of all Bittorrent is a software that you can use to download and share large files on the internet - like movies, software, documents, or whatever. Its like the older sharing software like Kazaa and Imesh, but with a big difference. Here the more you share, the more you get download.

Bittorent consists of a small 'torrent' file, that you download from a site on the internet. Its around 20-50 kb. It contains information about the large file that you want to download. You use this torrent file in a 'client' and the client manages the download. Its a little complicated, but I will show you how it is done.

Lets search a torrent site, called TorrentPortal, one of the hundreds torrent sites. We search for a movie say, Spiderman...

Heres what we get:

Okay, we get some results. Always choose the one that has the best health. The first one is a good file to be downloaded. It is a DVD rip, so it has a very good quality, it has 24 seeds (24 guys have completed the download and are sharing the complete file) and 24 leeches (24 guys are downloading it just like you). Do not choose a download with 0 seeds because simply that file is not avaliable. You select the first one and download the torrent. The torrent file is about 30 kb, and it would download in less than 30 seconds.

Okay this is the first step. Next you use a 'client'. You feed the torrent file that we just downloaded (the 30kb little file) to the client to download the movie. Here the movie is about 700 mb, about the size of 1 cd.
The popular clients are Azureus, Bitcomet, uTorrent, ABC, etc.. You can get a list here.

Okay here is a BitComet shot. At the moment Im using Bitcomet and its todays pic.

Pretty Woman and China Town are being downloaded. Im a fan of those romantic movies that feature Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Richard Gere.. Lots of hindi movies copy from them, the most recent Humko Dewana Kargey copying a lot of scenes of Notting Hill, again has Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant and one of my favorites. Well thats some other topic, will try to talk about that later.

Half Baked and Jo Jita Woh Sikander are being seeded (shared, they have been downloaded completely).

So by now you get some vague idea of how Bittorent works, if you need any more help, you are welcome to post you queries here and Ill answer them.

Please note if you have a dialup connection, this thing will simply not work. You need a flat connection and you would need to let your pc running through the night to get the movie next day.

Have a nice time...