Author Topic: The evolutionary process of balochi fiction or azmank  (Read 5356 times)

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The evolutionary process of balochi fiction or azmank
« on: May 08, 2005, 10:53:52 PM »
The evolutionary process of balochi fiction or azmank

Baloch have a literature which bounds our feelings,culture,land and our peoples.
Balochi azmank has a age of half a century.
The first balochi fiction writter was SHER MOHAMMED MARRI and the name of azmank is Ganok.
Balochi azmank is being development in a good way.The last ten years have a great importance in the develpoment of balochi azmank.There are many names in the field of baloch azmank,GHANI PARWAZ,HAFEEZ HASAN ABADI,MUNEER BADENI,ALI RAISEE,NEMATULLAH GICHKI,SABA DASHTIYARI,BAIG MOHAMMED BAIGUL,YOUNAS HUSSAIN,NAMUGAM HAMDAM (and now with just) NAGUMAN,HANIF SHARIF,MAQBOOL ANWAR,MAQBOOL NASIR,ARIF PESHKANI,AZIZ PESHKANI,ESSA GUL,YASIN MAJROOH and also the modernist fiction writter A R DAD.HANIF SHARIF is the most famous name in balochi azmank.
The azmank of hanif sharif's "GHULAM HABER KANAG LOTEE" have been wriiten in the form of narrative fiction and it shows the slavery condition of baloch and hanif has done it in a unique way.A R DAD's azmank HASAN SOL  is a good fiction.ALI RAISEE  is a revolutionary fiction writter and has a great contribution in balochi azmank.SITREE  is the most famous of ali raesi.hafeez hasan abadi is also a good fiction writter in balochi literature.SOTKAGEN DOBER is a good amzank of hafeez hasan abadi.GHANI PARWAZ is  a great azmankar is balochi literature.MEHER OSHAM  is balochi novelt of GHANI PARWAZ.MURTAGEN MARD A PACHEN CHAM is the azmank collection.

      Now english,french,italian,german,persian fictions(azmank)is being translated into baloch.SHOOTING STAR is a book in which you can find balochi azmank translated into english which is arranged by dr nematullah gichki.

      In conclusion i will reach on this point that balochi azmank will be in a good position after some years but now balochi fiction is being in revolutionary phase.

     balochistan  sabz baat.

      kamber sagaaar

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The evolutionary process of balochi fiction or azmank
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Thanks brother for sharing such a nice topic about Balochi literacy.
Zahida Raees :Raji: ,
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