Author Topic: American woman pledges to fight for Baluch independence  (Read 2723 times)

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American woman pledges to fight for Baluch independence
« on: April 03, 2009, 02:24:29 PM »
WASHINGTON DC: An American woman and member of the presiding council of the American Friends of Baluchistan has pledged to struggle for Baluchistan' s independence.

Laurie Deamer, AFB presiding council member in a statement Saturday said, "As you know, yesterday (March 27, 2009), marked the 61st anniversary of Pakistan ’s forced annexation of Balochistan .  Although I am brand new [to Baluchistan politics] and not yet fully aware of the myriad consequences of that tragic event, I join with you in solemn remembrance of the loss of independence. "

Texas-sized Baluchistan was annexed at the point of gun on March 27 1948. It was not a part of Pakistan when the British left India divided on August 14, 1947. The Baluch are a secular people and believe Pakistan army fourth largest in the world and one armed with nuclear weapons pose the most serious threat to human civilization, including the US.

The Baluch have risen in arms against the forcible annexation of their homeland and thousands have perished in at least four wars of independence since March 1948. Pakistan army, which is secretively pro-jihad, used US-supplied weapons to crush the secular Baluch movement.


In Washington DC, the American Friends of Baluchistan is holding a meeting to commemorate the illegal annexation of Baluchistan on Saturday, March 28 at 1 pm. The meeting will be held at the Busboys & Poets at 1025 5th Street Northwest Washington DC. The venue is at 5th and K streets northwest and two blocks away from the Chinatown and Convention center metro stations.

The meeting will also discuss the kidnapping of John Solecki, UN High Commissioner for Refugees who was kidnapped by terrorists on February 2, 2009.

"Calling the Baluchs Pakistanis because they share the same religion is like saying the British are Russians because they share the same religion," said Rasheed Baloch, an AFB presiding council member from Dallas, Texas.

AFB presiding council member Nabi Baluch will preside at te Busboys & Poets event and Americans from different walks of life will attend the discussions.

Deamer said a meditation from poet and intellectual Malek Towghi guided her thoughts for the day: 

May I see, before (my) death, the days of freedom;  For the unparalleled plains and meadows of Balochistan.               

She said as an AFB presiding council member she continues to take her responsibility for helping Americans learn about Baloch slavery very seriously.

In a reference to Baluch national hero Hairbyair Marri and the De Jure Ruler of Baluchistan Suleman Daud Ahmedzai, both of who are now in exile in the UK, Deamer said, "I hope and pray that Baloch heroes will boldy lead, that Baloch everywhere will humbly unite and that together their enemies will be soundly defeated."

Participants at Saturday's meeting will have  chance to ask questions to Baluch leaders on the phone.

Deamer said she will be joyously celebrating when Independence Day arrives.