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What is Beauty?
« on: July 28, 2006, 01:34:59 AM »
Who said that moon is beautiful
If moon is beautiful so every thing is beautiful
I wish i knew what is beauty
But Yet Beauty doesnt know what is beauty
If we bring all beautiful things
Then they will tell us what is beauty
But where we can find those beautiful things
If we say sun is beautiful so moon is beautiful
If we say moon is beautiful so stars are beautiful
If we say stars are beautiful so this world is beautiful
If we say this world is beautiful so we are beautiful
If we say we are beautiful so every thing is beautiful
But yet we dont know
What is Beauty?
What is Beauty?
What is Beauty?


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Re: What is Beauty?
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2007, 01:44:10 AM »

but dear i think nothing is beauty.

       exept  beauty  becouse

            beauty is beauty


What is Beauty?????????????????


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Re: What is Beauty?
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2007, 12:31:22 PM »
What is Beauty  :o
   Beauty itself doesnt know what is beauty  ^o) :o
Well this poem is written by a Baluch ... i had a magzine which was issued by some students of Gwadar ... I dont know about the poet personally..
But what the idea i am getting from this Poem ....
Poet is trying to Say "Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder".
Which is valid I guess ... Oh ..oH ^o)
But what i have mentioned about beauty in other posts  :x
Life means More more More ... You cant say i have seen my whole Life... Your views,Opinions or Mentality,Liking,Disliking BLAH BLAH BLAH gets change by the time... Till you wont reach to your last Destination :> "GRAVE"  :mrgreen: Life is incomplete and you are expriencing your life till your Death  :%
Returning to the main Issue ... Topic  :$
For one Black white can be beautiful
For one white black can be beautiful
So what is beauty  :E
So beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

             Baluchistan zendagbath :)

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Re: What is Beauty?
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2008, 02:02:33 PM »
My dear Lion mean which beauty? there we can see beauty of  differnet,s character,face, gait, body, thinking, style,eyes, hairs, writing, looking and so on and so said that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.....then what about the real and perfect beauty of universal nature??? I like myself because  I think I am I...... why not you think that your are other.......eyes of beholder  may be in a wrong direction or they may be  thinking in other way which is not understood as beautiful which all think about....Beauty not lies in the eyes of beholder  but in the minds of him/her...there is no siginificant role of eyes in case of beauty,it is mind which is counted...

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Re: What is Beauty?
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2008, 08:52:13 PM »
Waja e Braat Loin...The Beauty is this blindious world ? everyone is un-happy in this crusual world with defective rulers,on the one hand we spent half centuries in faminism (we think its a sigh of beautifulness) and on the other hand i am agree with "ZB Baluch" ,its depends of idealogical effect " i think the main thing is not face or shape of one thing its a "Venturs" or the illusion of beautifulness by face or I am rebel of your Sunken Eyes" What is meaning of "Beautiful" Here.....

My own take on this is that it's a matter of nature vs. nurture. Various centers of our hard wired brain, like the fusiform, compete to control our daily decisions. One center is concerned with mate selection based on physical traits. Others brain regions respond to a potential mate who is also intelligent, honest, faithful, kind and sane. Attractiveness, in the end, actually is unique to each individual. It should be said that, "beauty is in the eyes (plural) of the beholder." It's more a matter of left and right brain politics and somehow both hemispheres must work together to attract us to the perfect mate, as they usually do. Life is beautifully complex.

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