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The Toronto Shariah Program offers, for the first time in North America, Arabic language ( )  courses, online Arabic classes, and Arabic language intensives. Traditional courses of instruction in Classical Arabic, Islam and the Shariah sciences aimed at English speakers learning the Arabic language. Using classical texts in their original Arabic language, and based on the proven Dars Nizami curriculum in use at madrassas worldwide, the 5 year course is aimed at anybody desiring an in-depth study of Islam ( and its heritage.
For upcoming Arabic language courses including details about the Six Month Arabic Intensive ideal for out-of-towners, visit the  ( )
Online Arabic Lessons ( ) will also be offered this winter. For Arabic Course Reviews from students who studied in Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, please visit the Arabic Course Testimonials ( )section. FAQ for online Arabic lessons now available. Registration for Toronto Weekend Arabic program ( ) now online. Free Arabic Alphabet ( ) tutorial for beginners also on-line!
Course Content

The Arabic classes commence with an unparalleled introduction to classical Arabic, Islamic Arabic, and Qur'anic Arabic. While mastering the principles of Arabic grammar, Arabic Morphology, and later Arabic Balagha (rhetoric), students also receive thorough instruction in the other sciences of Islam; Fiqh, Tafsir and Hadith studies, from highly-qualified, traditional, western-born scholars. Through these Arabic lessons and online Arabic courses, they will learn Arabic, the language of the sacred Qur'an and the Islamic Shariah, allowing them to practice Islam correctly and opening the doors to more advanced study.

Arabic Language - Course Reviews

As you will read in the testimonials section from students who pursued traditional Islamic education in Yemen and Syria and who have enrolled in this program, this is an opportunity to seize as they themselves can't believe what they had traveled all over the world to learn is being offered right here in Toronto... in a very formal, structured and dedicated format.