Author Topic: "Sun That Will Always Shines" by Tahir Abbas Baloc  (Read 3762 times)

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"Sun That Will Always Shines" by Tahir Abbas Baloc
« on: April 15, 2005, 05:00:49 PM »
Sun That Will Always Shines

Edward de vere or william shakespeare
Who ever you say you are I really dont care
I am a genius in poetry unlike the rest
I am all you need, I am better than the best
It's virtually impossible to get perfection like mine
In literature im like the sun that will always shine
I will have my magic on you because I play with words
The people who read my poems, they become poetic nerds
The best is out there, but you cannot sense him
Cause you need an expert to recognise a gem
You cannot even imagine the amount of talent I have got
It's like I am the universe of poetry and you are a dot
I might die, but my words are everlastingly immortal
My poems are the platform of litrature and a portal
Though my vocabulary is modest but it's more than enough
To make my poems easy where they would have been tough
My poems accentuate on the life of an average man
They also display his feelings where ever they can
I might become the best poet as the people say
But I hope to become a better human some day

Tahir Abbas Baloch

Copyright ©2005 Tahir Abbas Baloch
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