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I Don't Know, My Son
« on: November 03, 2006, 02:14:18 AM »
I Don't Know, My Son

 What a crisis!

Son: (to father): Federal Govt. had issued 'ultimatum' to Punjab for lifting ban on wheat movement.
Father: Yes but Punjab refused to accept the ultimatum.
Son: What was reaction of three provinces.
Father: All complained against Punjab.
Son: What was the final decision?
Father: Instead of taking action against Punjab, the Govt of Pakistan has taken somersault.
Son: How?
Father: Govt of Pakistan now says Punjab and Sindh both are responsible for wheat crisis.
Son: Is Govt of Pakistan afraid of Punjab?
Father: I don't know, my son.

Divide & Rule

Son: (To his father): PM Jamali has suggested that divisions be renamed as provinces.
Father: Yes, I have seen his statement.
Son: What will be repercussions if implemented.
Father: Instead of 4, more than 35 provinces will be created.
Son: It means 35 Governors, 35 Chief Ministers and about 1000 ministers will be made.
Father: Can Pakistan afford to such high expenditure.
Son: No..Never. Does our Rulers believe in 'Divide & Rule?'
Father: I don't know my son!


Sense of deprivation!

Son: (To father): Dad! Prime Minister Chaudhry Shujaat says he will remove 'sense of deprivation.'
Father: Yes, he said it.
Son: But on the other day, he said in an interview with TV channel, there is no 'sense of deprivation' among the people of Sindh.
Father: What else he said?
Son: He said some people are exploiting this issue.
Father: Oh!
Son: Which statement of two is correct?
Father: I don't know, my son.


Rs 70 billion loss

Son: (to father): President General Musharraf has announced NFC Award.
Father: yes, you are right.
Son: Will Sindh benefit?
Father: No. On GST only, Sindh's loss will be app. Rs70 billion.
Son: Such a big loss!
Father: Yes.
Son: Perhaps self-claimed Sindhi President wants to punish Sindhis for not supporting Kalabagh dam project.
Father: I don't know, my son.

Slaves & Masters

Son: Why Sindhis are objecting on Thal Canal and Kalabagh dam Projects?
Father: .....because Sindhis think both Projects are against the economy of Sindh.
Son: Then, who is main beneficiary of the Project?
Father: Punjab...Our 'big brother'. What is your opinion, my son? Son: Sindhis should accept Greater Thal Project & Kalabagh dam without any objection.
Father: Why?
Son: .......because 'Slaves' have no right to say 'No' to their 'Masters'.
Father: I don't understand, my son! By: MKS [Sindh Today . Net, March 2002].


Son: It is said democracy is the best form of Govt.
Father: Of course!
Son: What about dictatorship.
Father: That is worst!
Son: How will you compare it with democracy.
Father: "Worst type of democracy is better than best type of dictatorship".
Son: Really! Father: Oh! yes. Son: But Army dictators in Pakistan always claim otherwise. Why?
Father: I don't understand, my son! By: MKS {Sindh today . Net, Mar 2002].


Son:     General Musharraf has made various constitutional changes recently.
Father: You are right, my son!
Son:     First time Army's role  in power has been legalized.
Father: is unjustified.
Son:     ...but General claims "If you want to keep military out, you have to get them in".
Father:  Strangely, he said that.
Son:    Is this General's own theory or........ ?
Father: .....This is 'necessity of law' made by Pakistani Generals to fit in.
Son:    Is this theory adopted by any other democratic or civilized country?
Father: No.. never. On the basis of General's theory, can we say "To keep people in, they have to keep it out"
Son:    Is this not hypocrisy of Generals?
Father: I don't understand, my son! (st230802).
By: MKS [Sept 24, 2002].

Is blood of Baloch people cheaper?

Son: (to father): Is army operation taking place in Balochistan?
Father: People say 'Yes" but Govt says 'No.'
Son: Why contradictory statements?
Father: As Govt does not like truth.
Son: I've seen photograph of 12-year boy who was badly killed by guns fitted helicopters. 
Father: Yes. I have also seen.
Son: Was that 12-year boy a terrorist?
Father: I don't know, my son.
[Sindh Today . Net, dt Feb 01-15, 2006].
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