Author Topic: Life is Successful or Grievous?  (Read 2121 times)

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Life is Successful or Grievous?
« on: January 08, 2007, 02:19:01 PM »

        The history of life started many years ago.Since the generations have appeared and died,and from that person who first stepped on earth,today many million of billons,probably uncountable generations have been born and in the same way many have passed away.But the question is,is life successful or grievious?No man in this wide globe is completely happy or completely sad,but a mixture of both. Life is a journy on a path of stones,throns and hurdles.Many directions appear at every stage,rigth,left,straight,this and that,it is hard to choose and that is the reason. Why life is a mixture,because wrong decisions can ruin the life of the traveler,it can lead to the dead end no way out and stuck until death approaches.On this path of life,stone skins the feet,throns prick the feet and hurdles make the travelers mentally and physically weak. But oii the endows one gift on the the travelers and that is experience.This experience cause life to be successful.The mistake made will not be repeted and the wrong doing will not be wronged again. In this stort journey of life,the traveler has to pass a sea bitter and salty as tears ,and at other times,garden of roses,river of honey and love satisfy the traveler.But sometimes while in this beauty and joy,some roses prick the traveler which causes pain and forces tears and blood to fall in the river of honey making it impure,and harted mixing with love so a moment of happiness is mixed with grief.Life can be compared with an example of beauty.Befour a butterfly -beautiful and elegant appears,it undergoes amny changes then finally from a caterpillae to a beautiful and attractive creation appers.When it dies out,it is whipped,similarly,life takes many changes and after striving lie is full of happiness and when sadness touches it is like whipped butterfly. Life is not as beautiful as it may seem.Every person works hard to cover up their sorrows,and therefore,from the top he is happy and inside he may be sorrow.The answer to the question 'is life sucessful or grievous?' is that not only one of them but both added togather we make a journey's end for the traveler happy end content