Author Topic: Can money bring happiness??????????????  (Read 3867 times)

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Can money bring happiness??????????????
« on: April 13, 2008, 06:21:50 PM »
As far as i m concerned i think yes it can or no , it can't .
first lets discuss the case of yes
 it can beacause if we have money we can live a comfortable life with every possible luxury and these things are sign of happiness .
 Now lets come to NO IT CAN'T
  No is stronger than yes in my mind it is the dominating character over yes it can because without being comfortable we can be happy .As a great man ever said
 " Being Happy doesn't mean everything is perfect it means you have decided to look beyond imperfections"
   Happiness is a state which can be attained without money as well.Money is not the basic component in case of happiness.
           Things are for human beings, Human beings are not for things same as the case for money .
          Happiness is a pursuit which lies inside us but we run after it in different manners wheter by attaining  lakhs or by some other ways
          What do you think please share your honorable views............
            Looking forward for your replies
               Bibi Mahruk

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Re: Can money bring happiness??????????????
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2008, 06:50:28 PM »
I am Agree With U Sis Mahruk In each Point U Discussed..

Happiness Cant Be Bring Out By Money If It Was So Then It Means There Would Never Be Happiness In The Lives Of Poor....

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Re: Can money bring happiness??????????????
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2008, 07:06:34 PM »
The steering of feelings is in the hand of the beholder.You can be happy even if you don't have money.Money is not the only component essential for being happy.Happiness is brought in by you yourself that ultimately includes your family and friends.Money on the other hand can make you live in luxury and spend a comfortable life.Bringing happiness to the lime light in a greater extent ,a person who is not facing any kind of problems , trials and tribulations is known to be happy.I wonder such type of person doesn't exist so far.We can easily conclude that happiness and sorrows are both parts of the life.Like after every sunset there is a sunrise ,similar is the case with happiness and sorrows ,no matter one is rich or poor.It is not like that a person billionaire is living a life without sorrows.
Blind are your eyes , your heart unfeeling . Your mind devoid of understanding , for lust , anger and burning desires, you are drowning without water .

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Re: Can money bring happiness??????????????
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2008, 09:50:28 PM »
Seren o maldaren Badshah yek wahd eya boota , zar e kami nabotage baly modaam cho wash wash nabota o wati na'washi eye pegr modam botage , yek bare eshya kollen hakeem gwank jata kay baya'e mani marza ilaaj kane o archi ilaaj korte man ayea inaam dayan ....
Kollen hakeem cha baaz jaha badshah kera rasta , yeke badshaha yek souje dant goda yeke dege baly badshah'e marza ech park nakapi o badshah ame wad nah wash ent baly zar ham moch ent kollen hakeema badshah chart baly marze ilaaj kort nakorte ,Goda noo Badshah'e yek Golame badshah kera kaet goshi man tei ilaaja kana, Badshah goshet tao mani ilaaja kane golam goshi hao ..... goda badshah goshet hairen band sobah man tara gwank kana......
Domi sob bot noo golam badshah kera raot , badshaha qobal kant yek maznen kamra taha o eshya charen konda haas jant badshah wati jane pegra engo rao o anga rao o baaz deer golam haasa koshet , badshah goshet golama begre o band bekene golam band bo baly aa shapi badshaha wash washa wapsi o domi soba sharia pad kae o ama golam azat kanag bot ..... bezaan badshah araam pasand'e bota o ech bar zaam najatage baly eshi haas anche tachag eshya damborente ame hatira aa shapa wapt kort o sharen sobe deete

Happiness is in struggle ,,, not in money ... Desires can be achieved through your hard working ... Some body wants to have a comfortable life but that comfortable life can be achieved by working hard by struggling

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Re: Can money bring happiness??????????????
« Reply #4 on: April 15, 2008, 10:30:31 PM »
Really the steering of feelings is in the hand of beholder as mentioned by Waja Tauqeer Kurd and Waja Meeren words also defined the same thing in his unique style .Well Bib B! thanks 4 agreeing
   Cha choma kamter