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What I think
« on: June 23, 2007, 07:05:00 PM »

why i dont like panjabistani pakistanis:
they have enslaved my ppl in the name of islamic brotherhood and fantasy stories such as 'Pakistan'. they torture and kill my ppl on a regualar basis. the oppression continues, and the situation of baluchistan gets worse and worse day by day.
i work in a bank , and live in u.s. but i'm consistently worried abt my ppl and watan baluchistan. how can i be happy? when my ppl are not happy? same goes for my pakhtun brothers of nwfp and fata regions of baluchistan. the panjabis have also killed many masoomi pakhtuns as well. they fight with everyone, baluchis , pakhtuns. who else will they keep fighting and terrorizing???

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Re: What I think
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2007, 11:55:24 AM »
Wajahein Braath saad

Tahe durd o wahag pa balochan sitha kurzith kay duurie balay waathi dil gun watan aien.
Balay mana gushay tahe yakh gap ie kamo nawash buth kay thu patan masoom gushthan . mani waja man 3 chaar saal quetta guwazintha , ao patan gun sharia mani nend ao niaad asthien man tra amenchu gushien kay patan afghanistanay biban kay pakistan ay masoom nayan. ie patan mazab ie nama istamaal kana balay ie taha ie drusth jahaad na bulkien nationalizm ien , balay ie anchien yakh hayaarien(clever) qoomie kay mazab nama oor kanth ao wathi karaa kushie ,,ao ano balochay yakh duzminay ao mazanien duzminie amie patanan kay may bachintagien mulk makuran ,quetta, ao ie degay jagayan dasth giraanien ao ishanien dar kanag sakh giraan bith pada.

ie mani gapan wathi hayalan bulkien ishan gun yakie ithefaaq makan ,,,baki man gun Banok naazgula ithefaaq kaheen.
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