Author Topic: With Tears In My Eyes. by Paulsingh2005  (Read 1774 times)

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With Tears In My Eyes. by Paulsingh2005
« on: November 29, 2007, 08:10:01 PM »

With tears in my eyes i plead with you to stay
but you just ignore my pleas and walk away
my heart was shattered my soul devastated
for after three years this friendship you've parted.

You said there was no way we could be together
i know you were angry because of my poems and letters
i told you that they were only meant to soothe
but it seem's you had a problem
handling the truth.

You also said that you have found another
and that his love you would rather
my fate was seal that moment you see
for at that time i become a memory.

I know he's now closer to you than me
this i can very well see
but for me you needn't worry none
for into a journey of pain and heartache i now begun.

I thank you for the three years you let me dream
of a life with you no other had seen
now that you leave those dreams becomes void
have you ever stop to think how much you've destroyed?

But my love for you remains like a beacon on a bay
silently guiding your every footsteps each night and day
god knows all i wanted was to be one with your heart
and for us to be together and never to part. (F) (F)