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« on: December 05, 2007, 09:19:01 PM »
We are both branches,
Of the same tree.
Where one says to another,
“I know you love me.
Though you never expressed,
Though you never said,
But your expressions,
I always read.”

Now I write those things,
Which I never dared.
Today I tell you,
how much I cared.
How your happiness,
made me smile.
How a tear in your eye,
took me off a mile.

If I am road, you are my way.
If I am sun, you are my ray.
If I am heart, you are my beat.
If I am legs, you are my feet.
If I am feet, you are my boots.
If I am plant, you are my roots.
If I am eyes, you are my sight.
If I went wrong, you set me right.
If I am a ball, you are my goal.
If I am a body, you are my soul.
If I am ocean, you are my beach.
You are the height I always want to reach!!