Author Topic: 1 name can own a History, Time is knocking our Doors  (Read 1680 times)

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1 name can own a History, Time is knocking our Doors
« on: December 20, 2007, 02:24:55 PM »
1 name can own a History, Time is knocking our Doors

We read so many names in history.Each name has its own story, Each name itself is a name of a struggle
Some names are of scientists, some are of wise people so other are of those who had a good character ... there are also some worst character which history tell us but to teach a lesson to next generations.

History is witness of many names and each name has its own story.. alot of inventions,theories and characters.It means one name can be owner of one history good or bad depends on his character, on his deeds and personality, So every one in this world is very special in this sense because he can be the owner of one good history to lead next generations.

Today Baluch nation is suffering and alot... too many names i read in history of Baluch nation but they made their history by forcing time to make them heros but today the case is different and guess what ? ? ?
Time itself is knocking our doors those who are taking advantage their names are going to be written in golden words and next generation will feel much proud on them.Baluch in this sense are very lucky that time itself welcoming us to make a history,to stand , to do some thing , to prove some thing , to teach some thing and to keep a lesson for future generations.
Time is precious and money ... lets take advantage of time and lets own a history by doing some thing different.