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Economics: the PILLAR
« on: February 14, 2008, 03:39:56 PM »
Nations do not collapse abruptly but gradually. These phenomena of abruptness and gradualness are directly attached to the destruction and construction of civilization and the foundation of them, also connected to economical development or breakdown. Economical systems are always clung to productive resources. To separating the human ethics from economical systems as to extracting soul from the body, because it is impossible to brush aside economical structure for ethical uplift and it is an incredible fact to give ethics only an abstract notion.
In any region of the world the background of ethics shall be seen in economical, social and political conditions. If we mentioned the western countries, ethical positions, then questions will arise that, why western ethics is different from eastern one and what are the causes, which separate west to east and east with west? The answer of this question will be in economics, civilization and culture chapter.
Those who look characters and behaviors of people aloof from economical and civilizational outlook, it means they are not living on the earth, because living creatures on the earth particularly, human being can not explain the life in reference to other things than economics.
Characters and behaviors of human being on earth are stuck to material culture and some extent to spirituality. When we mention ethical conditions of Mongols and Turkmen then barbarianism and cruelty of them come to scene. Cruelty and barbarianism show us the economical exploitation, slavry and expansionist thoughts, hence they had understood above-mentioned qualities their national symbols, military power and cultural heritage, but instead of them other nations of the world were different from them.

It is clear that the best and fruitful ethics or any other thing is totally produced from the robust economical developments. From above reasons and temperaments and behaviors of Pakistani society, it did not change accidentally but by gradual economical ruins, for example, in 1974 Pakistani cultural positions were more different than of 2005. Today Pakistanis do not care about those values, which were the pillars of their past society. The concept of evils and goodness is not understood in abstract sense only, but in economical and cultural developments. In past acquiring of knowledge was a crucial thing but today it is the degree, which makes persons the best, narcotics was unethical and forbidden thing, but now it is a fashion and a business, bribery was given or taken hesitantly, but today it has become a self- interest or right and is received bravely, rape or zina was worst act, but now it is a sexual need and material interest!!!!!!!!!! Why values of Pakistani society are vanishing???
Obviously, by economical and civilizational changes, values are fading away. Destruction of economics does not come drastically, rather than by slow motion of class struggle and exploitative inclinations.
Exploitation of others, resources, increase of classes, excessive population and scarcity of resources are the actual causes of social, economical and other things, standstill and mental stagnation. Murders, embezzlement, criminal breach of trust and other bad activities are not appeared from not fearing of the God but from limited resources, exploitation of others, resources, excessive population, undemocratic policies, policies, which made through whims and caprices of dictators etc.
Economics is the main and basic pillar of a nation or society as Karl Marx said. In this world, where is no free lunch, than robust economics and controlling or possession over own resources will survive a nation, particularly Baloch nation!!!
Today religious leaders and other expliotative persons are using the poor people for their own destructive cause. what should we do is a materr of obscure nature!!