Author Topic: World Conspiracy against Baloch! Thinking behind the Headlines  (Read 2113 times)

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World Conspiracy against Baloch! Thinking behind the Headlines
« on: February 22, 2008, 04:29:49 PM »
World Conspiracy against Baloch! Thinking behind the Headlines
By Walid Garboni

The Baloch suffering in Pakistan and Iran, and the blindness of the major world powers must make Baloch to rethink their position. As part of the rethinking they ought to start with less reliance on alien help and depend on their own resources and capabilities with matching actions.

Looking behind the headlines a great amount of discrepancies can be noted from comments, analysis and actions of major writers, intellectuals and countries. Baloch generally get the impression that they are in favor of Baloch's struggle for the liberation of their divided and occupied motherland. However, certain actions and points show more than what can be seen on the surface.

Action of the arrest of Mr. Faiz Baluch and Hairbeyar Marri by the British authorities, Mr. S S Herrison saying 'the fact that Balochistan is a large territory with great amount of resources while Punjab is over populated and its people need land and resources can not be overlooked', many European countries try to justify killing and hangings of Baloch in West Balochistan by saying 'Iran faces serious issues with regards to drug smuggling due to being bordered with Afghanistan and Pakistan'; are some of the points that provoke thoughts of many individuals.

Musharraf constantly blaming India for supporting Baloch insurgency while Pakistan's political, social and cultural ties at their ever best with India. Pakistani establishment media such as PTV proudly broadcasting Indian dramas and cultural programs while the Baloch are barred from having their TV channel; are some of the points that make people believe a larger conspiracy against Baloch and their sparsely populated motherland with great amount of natural resources and strategic importance.

Major question like 'is Rashid Raof really a Muslim fundamentalist? Or is he not a western trained agent who is sent to Pakistan and drama of his arrest and imprisonment, thereafter his escape is played in collaboration with Pakistan to glorify him and make him accept for Muslim Jehadis, hence the Jehadis expose themselves to him? Innocent Baloch like Faiz and Hairbeyar and are not used as escape goat in this drama?

Come to think of it, these sensible questions can not be easily answered, but can make you think behind the headlines.
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Re: World Conspiracy against Baloch! Thinking behind the Headlines
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2008, 12:37:59 AM »
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