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For centuries science had treated ‘Time’ and ‘Space’ as if they
 were two separate and absolute ‘entities’. Because of this error
 in thinking, scientists had wrestled unsuccessfully to make any real
 sense of reality. Genuine progress started to be made when certain
 scientists, starting with Albert Einstein, challenged the normally accepted
 scientific assumptions. This eventually led to the realisation that
 ‘time’ and ‘space’ were intricately intertwined. It also meant that
 a new word was needed to explain this concept and so they created the
 word ‘Spacetime’, which, without realising it, had taken science
 another step along the road to discovering the ‘Wholeness’ of
 everything. It is this ‘Wholeness’ that the ancient wisdom philosophies
 have been speaking about for thousands of years.

To illustrate the advances in scientific thinking, please consider the
 following quotations from several physicists:

"People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction
 between past, present and future is only a stubborn persistent illusion."

- Albert Einstein

"The concept of time derives from the fact that we divide reality into
 bits and pieces. In so doing, we create a subject and an object with a
 space between. We experience these objects, these aspects of reality,
 in a piecemeal manner and thus create a linear succession in time. The
 spaceless infinite removes the space between subject and object; the
 timeless now removes linear succession. Instead of knowing the Universe
 from a distance, the Self knows the Universe by being it, without need of
 space and time.

"Mind does not observe the past; it creates it. The past is only as
 real as we make it."

"This universe has no beginning or ending, no outer edges in space."
source: NOR
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