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The progress of quantum physics has brought science closer towards what
 the ancient eastern philosophies have been alluding to for thousands
 of years, but neither quantum physics nor eastern philosophy explains
 those ideas in words and concepts that are of practical use in everyday

Before you can put the concepts into practical use, you first have to
 understand what 'reality' is.

How do you experience reality? But more specifically, how do you
 experience your personal reality?

This is something often taken for granted, but it is worth pondering
 for a moment or two.

You receive your day to day experiences through your five senses, which
 are touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell. But do these senses tell
 you everything?

Do your eyes see the whole range of the light spectrum?

Do your ears hear the whole range of the sound spectrum?

What does science say about the atomic structure of 'matter'?

Can you rely on your sight or your hearing or your touch to tell you
 about the true nature of the world you inhabit?

Do you think it is possible to know the true nature of reality just
 using the five senses you have?

Your senses only provide part of the picture of the true nature of
 reality and because of this it is easy to make the wrong value judgments in

The true nature of reality is not only stranger than you imagine, it is
 stranger than you can imagine.

The following quotations will illustrate this point further.

"Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is
 because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and,
 therefore, part of the mystery that we are trying to solve."

- Max Planck

"Both the ancient Hindu philosophies and quantum physics teach that an
 infinite, unchanging reality exists hidden behind the illusion of
 ceaseless change"

- Fred Alan Wolf

"Physicist Alain Aspect and his collaborators not only proved
 nonlocality, but also confirmed the existence of a transcendent domain beyond
 the material domain of spacetime. This is in direct contradiction to the
 one-material-world assumption of material realism and is in direct
 support of transcendence found in all spiritual traditions."

- Amit Goswami

These concepts are explained in more depth, and in an easily
 understandable and practical way, on our ‘Nature of Reality Course’. We show
 that rather than being difficult and impractical subjects they can be
 understood in sufficient depth to be of real use in everyday life. The
 implications of this knowledge will not only delight and astound you but
 will also change forever the way you see yourself and your world.
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