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Top 25 richest Families in Pakistan
« on: April 06, 2008, 09:43:08 PM »
1. The Nishat Group
Mian Muhammad Mansha Yaha is the captain of this splendid ship having around
30 companies on board. Mansha, who owns the Muslim Commercial Bank as well,
is now setting up a billion rupee ($ 17 m) paper sack project too. He is one
of the richest Pakistanis around. Nishat Group was country’s 15th richest
family in 1970, 6th in 1990 and Number 1 in 1997. Mansha is on the board of
nearly 50 companies.

2. The Jang Group
This huge media empire was founded by late Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman some six
decades ago. Today, around 10 top newspapers and the multi-billion rupee GEO,

3. The Hashoo Group
Led by the vintage Saddaruddin Haswani, the Hashoo Group is more known for its dominance in Pakistan’s hotel industry, though the people who know a bit more about the Hashwanis are of their strength in real estate business too.

4. The Packages Group
The seed of this huge empire was sown by Syed Maratib All, a renowned
supplier for British Army and the Indian Railways before partition. The
group launched a joint venture with Lever Brothers soon after 1947, but
massive production of Pakistan Tobacco Company later reportedly made Syed
Maratib All and sons install a packaging Unit by the names of Packages

5. The House of Habib
Legend has it that the Goddess of Wealth has been in love with the seasoned Habibs more than anybody else in Pakistan. Most pundits believe that Habibs
own at least 100 companies throughout the world,

6. The Saigols
Saigols originally hail from Jehlum. The pioneer of the Saigol dynasty in
1890 was Amin Saigol who established a shoe shop that eventually transformed
into Kohinoor Rubber Works

7. Nawa-E-Waqt Group
The Nizamis may not be Rockefellers or the Sheikh Muhammad, but arc the
custodians of a highly influential media empire

8. The Saif Group
Is owned and operated by the sons of famous NWFP lady politician Begum
Kalsum Saifullah. Her eldest son Javid Saifullah heads Ibis very powerful
business group.

9. The Crescent Group
The history of this group dates back to 1910 when Shams Din of Chiniot and
his four sons came into business with a tannery at Amritsar
10. The Monnoo Group
The Monnoo dynasty was founded by two brothers-Dust Muhammad and Nazir Hussain in 19405 at Calcutta. The first unit owned by the Monnoos was the Olympia Rubber Works

11. The Dewan Group

Dewan Yousaf Farooqui. The mentor of this group has been the Sindh Minister for Local Bodies. Industries, Labour, Transport, Mines & Minerals.

12. The Lakson Group
The Lakhanis are currently having a hard lime at the hands of NAB. Sultan
Lakhani and his three brothers run this prestigious group and the chain of
McDonald’s restaurants in Pakistan.

13. The Sapphire Group
Headed by a veteran industrialist Mian Abdullah, this splendid empire owns
11 yarn spinning plants (producing 60,000 tonnes of yarn annually),

14. The Dawood Group
Was ranked Pakistan’s biggest group in 1970, 3rd in 1990 and 15th in 1997

15. The Best Way Group
Sir Anwar Pervaiz is the Chairman of Bestway Group which started off as a
specialist Asian food store in West London in 1962.

16. The Haroon Family
Headed by Yusuf Haroon, 9l, the former Sindh Chief Minister and Governor
West Pakistan, this family owns The Herald Group of publications which
includes the Daily Dawn, Monthly Herald, Aurora and Spider magazines

17. The Yunus Brothers
The Chairman of this group is Abdul Razzak Tabba. This group owns one of the largest warehouses (textile products) in Pakistan.

18. Gul Ahmad/Al-Karam Group

Gul Ahmad is one of the most vibrant Memon business houses in the country
that was founded by Haji Mohammad Pakolawala, but is now split between Gul Ahmad and Al-Karam Group of Industries

19. The Bawany Group
Bawany dynasty was founded by two Bawany brothers, Ahmad Karim Ebrahim office in Japan and nre currently active in textiles, jute, sugar, particle
board, Oxygen, leather, garments, tanneries and cables

20. The Servis Group
Shahid Hussain is the Chairman of this massive foot-wear giant whicb now is
neck-deep in textile business too

21. The Tata Family
Do not confuse the Tatas in Pakistan with their name-sake market leaders in
India,,Jinnah Hospital Lahore). The sitting Federation President Riaz Tata heads the Naveena Exports

22. The Alam Group
This establishment comprising three leather and two textile units is led by
former President Karachi Chamber Shahzada Alam,

23. The Guard Group
The 87-year old Malik Shafi, decorated with Pakistan’s highest civil award, The Guard Group deals in automotive parts, filters, brake fluids and other vital accessories of motor

24. The Ejaz Group
This establishment owns country’s largest knitwear-cum-dyeing facility at
Lahore. More than half a dozen textile units

25. The Tabani Family
The Tabanis are also deemed as one of the biggest groups associated with
manufacturing, trade, export and import business. They are one of the few
Pakistani industrialists holding massive stakes in Central Asian Republics.
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