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Technology ... Need of Time
« on: April 29, 2008, 10:27:47 PM »

This is a world of technology where techniques are being introduced to make the work easy ... Today in every field technology has been introduced to make it more stable with less human errors ...
It is technology only which can save large statistics and helps in making decisions ...
Stone days are gone when people used their force to break stones in pieces and built their homes but now techniques making these constructions very easy ...
It is requirement of time to be awared of these techniques ...
Else you will left behind ... there was a time when bundle of books used to be kept in record rooms of different institutes but DATA BASE MANAGMENT replaced those big record rooms in shape of HARD DISK ... It was difficult to retrieve the Date from those record rooms but now by just putting particular information regarding our search in Querry box and information is infront of you .. More stable More Quicker and Less space for Data ..

Not only techniques are introduced in computer related fields but also Construction,Motor Machines,War related Equipments and Communication etc  ... There is no field left where these techniques were not introducted till yet almost every field occupied by new techniques  ....

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Baluch Nation In World of Techniques ....
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2008, 10:50:00 PM »
It was end of Ninteenth (19th) century and begining of twentyth (20th) century where world was busy in inventing machines ... It was the time when theories were replaced by new theories .. New inventions were taking place and that is how the nations were busy to get more power ful then one & another ... This was the time where Baluch nation was suffering ... this is Baluch nation which was able to migrate from one place to another by sea routes when there was no concept of RADAR in this world but Baluchi people were so sharp that they used to mark the stars and through these stars they used to go from one place to another..
In stone ages Baluchi people were very famous for their techniques in battle fields ... Today Baluch nation is one of the most backward nations in this world due to lack of education , due to lack of Health and there is much poverty among Baluch ... Question is why this Nation is Backward today? why not in past when Baluch was one of the moderate nation with its own country?
Are they really backward of their own stupidity?
Are they Backward because they are mently sick?
Or Are they backward because they want themselves to be backward?

One Punjabi or Panagir May say Baluch want them self to be backward but Its not True .. In begining of 19th century when inventions and new world was being introduced Baluch's land was occupied By Iran First probably in 1928 ... a war with Britisher in Upper Baluchistan was on peak ... Under these circumstances First Baluch nation's link was finished with rest of world and after that in 1948 Baluch nation again slaved by New Pakistan which always kept Baluch nation Backward ...

If still those who says Baluch Wants comfortable life or Baluch doesnt want to work hard .. this is nothing but a simply propagenda because Fact is Baluchi people are very hard  working..

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Re: Technology ... Need of Time
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2008, 10:50:05 AM »
Nice Topic Meeren.. I Think Baluch Actually Did Not Get The Plateform to Expose His Talent.... Marchi Aga`n Balochistan Wat Yakk Azaat Mulkein Boottein Guda Ee Haal May Naboo....