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How to deal with People ?
« on: May 21, 2008, 09:45:36 PM »
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Last week i visited an area where i have seen much poverty,My words were not matching with their conditions and i was trying to be one of them but even after my so much tries i was still not getting them nor they were getting me.I learnt one should not see this world from his eyes because some will be worst and some will be better in condition them him,If you keep talking to them according to your condition so your words will not match with their situations and ultimately you will left behind and you will left in a world where you know only your self ... so are you so self fish? that you know only yourself ?  I thought i am so self fish being a part of Baluch nation i know only myself just for sake of my comfort and my name .... Yes i will not call myself a Baluch because i dont want to be a slave? or I dont want to be part of this community whose reality is hidden today ... i am so busy in my world , Really i am very self fish ... I am part of one of the Respected nations and one of Brave nations but today this nation needs me , needs every Baluch to be part of their struggle for a better future.


Education teaches me patience and makes me stronger by making my thinking ability broad and wide and when we cut off word patience from education then we will never understand the real and vast meaning of education ..
Education breifly describes every thing , it teaches how to act in different situations of life for eg It is very easy to ask an educated person about a particular task which he knows but very difficult to ask an uneducated so how will you react , how you will teach him & in what language so he can pick your task and how you can read his mental ability so you know how much pressure he can take and how much he is mentaly prepared for this task.... Its education which makes you stronger at time of decisions, But education doesnt mean DEGREE but how you handle things , how you to take tasks and how you react, how you move , how you behave, how you manage, how you take control and how you read people...You are organized and prepared to manage an organization for an organized work and stuff which will give an accurate result for given task and will be known for its accuracy.

What i have Observed in Pakistan

After spending my almost 2 years in Government and Private offices of Pakistan.I have seen lack of patience,Lack of communication,Lack of management,Lack of organized stuff and no accuracy in their particular work.I found almost 99% of them illeterate & corrupt... many times i have seen them abusing each other , many times i have seen them fighting with each other but yet they call them selves Educated ...
They take good care of their dresses and wil always try to impress others with english no matter next person doesnt understand this language.
All Institutes are corrupt with their stuff and majority of employes are source back (Having link with a political party) and they dont know what their work is , what this institute made for ? which will always keep an organized instiuite far from their accuracy. Bribe is very common
That is the condition of Pakistani instiuites where you expect most educated people there ... they are having degrees which should be thrown to dustbin...

Yet some of our people give examples of them when their own Baluch are much more educated (By means of thinking ability) then them ...
Yet some of our people give examples of different communities of these people for their sacrifices when their own Baluch even sacrifing their lives ... money and every thing comes later
I dont know whether they are blind or they have closed their eyes?
But Till when Reality will be kept hidden finally REALITY IS REALITY

People will talk according to their name but hardly few will talk according to Principles ... But if you know principles then move forward to know Realities and to know about tommorow ... Tommorow is with us :) no matter how we are today but Victory belongs to one who knows reality and working for principles not name ...

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Re: How to deal with People ?
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2008, 11:13:28 AM »
Corruption Is The Son Of Pakistan.... Neither pakistan Can Survive Without Corruption Nor Corruption Without It.

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Re: How to deal with People ?
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2008, 06:40:46 PM »
Corruption Is The Son Of Pakistan.... Neither pakistan Can Survive Without Corruption Nor Corruption Without It.

taee naprat wati jagaya bale raasten habar eshent k nou corruption choushen jagae neyst keh ouda mabi. Pakistan bibii cha Iran dunya e hamuk kondaa corruption e bunn baz bayanen.

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Re: How to deal with People ?
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2008, 08:08:32 PM »
Zanage johd kanagaya che bemaqsad cheze bita ya haste? Agan nah ent lazum har cheze poshta yek wajah e lazum hast
E chonen naprat ke mardom wati Jana ham dayan dar pa dar ham ban ... student qaid ham gendan ...
E mardom abdala echa sarpad naya ancho naprat kana bemaqsada bewajaha baed e naprat wasta wata cho dar pa dar o tapeeg makana ... sakken abdalen mardoma o nasarpaden mardoma
Ya e naprat poshta sak pazoren wajah ya maqsade hast ke mardom sharia sarpadan o zanna agan cho mabi banda che bi ... goda wa e sak zantkar o sarpaden ....
Huda bezaan eshani sarpadi ya nahsarpadi
Baly naprat kahi goma ent o cheeya ent?
Naprat shaitan,dhaga baaz goma nabit goda kahi goma bit?

Marochi yek aks e deeth sak doldara modam yek logi dema aks gendagaya .... baaz randa jost korta e aks ani had kanok kae ent .... mardom goshan yek warna ... man gosht e warna sak doldaren aks (Painting) had kan baly kas ne ke eshya eshi manzila beresini...

Yek warna wati sak johde rand MERIT BASE sara yek naukri laget eshani ham kar ke amode BOSS e ham zaban ant ayani Salary gesh ent ... e warna ke kara wati sharia kant , over time ham kant salary kum dayag bit

Man heraan pareshan nazantkaria nazana koja shru o hallas bekana baly e ame pikr kana e chonen abdalen mardoma MUNEER MENGAL C.A kortage araam sara wati zenda gwazen kort kant baly Qaida taha ayea sawal kanag bi tao wanta parcha QOM PARASTI Kane... 

Sak bazzagen Baluchen raj ke samjhok nest ... harchi wati pem pikr kant o eshani solution e kashage wati pem johd kant ... jost kanok nest eshan nazana mahlook eshan che sarpad , Ganok o Abdal? Be maqsaden zid o naprat? Ya nazana che

Ancho yek kasanen zaagiya mat (mother) mazan kant ... ancho yek citizen eya mat ayea watan ent ...

Never say Naprat and finish every thing ... this is a struggle of 60 years and exprience of 1 life ... an old man cant be so fool ... this struggle is old enough that knows every thing and have faced every situation 

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Re: How to deal with People ?
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2008, 11:52:23 PM »
E mehr ent ke imtehaan gerit .. o marochi eshya naprat e nam dayag baig ent , che naprat encho takat haste ke mardoma wati sar sara gwazini? Kollen tehreek taha chochen naprat man nawant baly hao e fakt mehr ent ke shemureeda abadal o ganok kant, ke mast tawakala sufi had kant , O marchi mani pikr nezoren ke eshi aks mani zehna haste baly wahd mani goma nah ent ke aks a mahlook pesh bedara o marochi tara e haq hast ke e mehr'a naprat nam bede baly band mani johd goma mani ent