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« on: August 18, 2008, 04:37:20 PM »
It was a normal day that i was performing my activities according to my schdule but a sudden change after sunset insisted me to ask some one about last night, so i got to know its 15th Shaban, every year i visit the grave of my Grand father whose is no more but his principles are still alive.
As i started moving towards the graveyard i saw people with loud speakers playing Naats or Hamd (Holy songs), i saw people busy in fireworks, i saw many things which raised questions in my mind..

I am not a religious person but as a common muslim yes i Believe there is a Allah but after watching all those activities which people were performing on streets and roads i started asking my self what worship is? How can i say thanks to my creator? how can i return some thing against what he rewarded me ? By having loud speakers infront of my home and playing Holy songs? or by fireworks or to show others that i am doing some thing ?

Is worship a feeling?
A faith ?
Believe and Trust?
Or Love?
Yet i dont know what worship is
But tonight i want to say thanks to my creator
For What i am ?
I have a motherland like Baluchistan
I have a culture which is very pure
I am son of these beautiful mountains
I am brother of beautiful & highly respected sisters
And belongs to a nation
Whose people are very honest and sincere
Its time for me to return for what i am rewarded
My life is short infront of all these rewards
My sacrifices will be nothing against these rewards
I wish to born again n again in this nation
And i wish to sacrifice my life again n again for a beautiful purpose
Thanks my creator , that i am Baluch
And you rewarded me so much things ..... 

Faith gets stronger by observing the creativity of Almighty, purpose of worship is to make your faith stronger, which requires silence, which requires your search, which requires you to think

Shome mennat

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Re: Worship
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2008, 03:06:55 AM »
:) nice thoughts

bro to wts done in pak..its like u said...  i feel one's faith is one's own
its nice 2 c children wid fire crackers,... u can do that 4 their fun but only tell them wats that joy for ?? ...
i was very much surprised when many kids didnt know wat 2 read while praying ..they dun know anythin bout our BELOVED's life...
its like fun rather than that knowledge dese days
offcourse ..we can be someone who can CHANGE

and telling stories 2 ur youngers is very usefull.
i thank my sis mahrang ..she always told us and still does

and as 2 me...
worship lays in EVERYTHIN
when u work... u do it in name of ALLAH ...its worship
when u admire the beauty and be gratefull ..its worship
when u smile ...its worship

ALLAH bless u and all

ur sis
NaZgOl aSkanI

my silence does not mean that im not aware of what goes on around me
but what goes on around me...deserves not being spoken about

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Re: Worship
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2008, 05:21:15 AM »
aslam alikom

baze mzhab mardum 15 shabana naat wana o baaz kas poray shapa  quran shareef wany o hancho k to gosht ksanye chok aas rok kana..

man har wakt socheta k zaror e shapye mazanye fazl o karamye ha k muslman e shapye kadra kana...hamye wasta ma serch kot islamic books taha...mana baaz afzoz bet k e shapye islamye toka choshye mazanye kader neysta..waja Mohmmed (pbuh) drahye hadees wanaga bad ma e nateejaya rasta k rasool (pbuh) mahe shaban rochag beta o e yak hadeesye:

عن أسامة بن زيد رضي الله عنهما أنه سأل النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم فقال: يا رسول الله لم أرك تصوم شهر من الشهور ما تصوم في شعبان ، فقال صلى الله عليه وسلم : ( ذلك شهر يغفل عنه الناس بين رجب ورمضان ، وهو شهر ترفع فيه الأعمال إلى الله تعالى فأحب أن يرفع عملي وأنا صائم ).. رواه النسائي

which means:
that this is a month which ppl dont give lots of imp btween rajab and ramadhan... and it is the month in which the deeds are lifted 2 the sky so i love the deeds 2 be taken when im fasting ..

so i think we dont need 2 do all these bedat which is not in islam.