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« on: March 04, 2008, 08:57:58 PM »

We have seen that we are not quite sure what ‘matter’ is. It
 certainly does not seem to be extremely small pieces of solid ‘something’
 as was once thought. Instead it is best described as ‘energy’ but
 we are not quite sure what that is either.

Ask yourself if ‘thought’ or ‘consciousness’ could also be
 described as ‘energy’?

If this is the case then the implications are tremendous.

Have a look at the following statements by leading physicists and other
 eminent people:

"Useful as it is under everyday circumstances to say that the world
 exists 'out there' independent of us, that view can no longer be upheld."

- John Wheeler

"The knower is ever greater than the known, and the seer is greater
 than the seen. That which is known is contained within the knower, and
 that which is seen is in the seer; the vast expanse of the sky is in the
 mind, not outside, because the mind is everywhere and there is no
 outside to it."

- Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

"I had come to suspect, and now felt compelled to acknowledge, that
 science and the physical world were products of human imagining; that we
 were not the cool observers of that world, but its passionate creators.
 We were all poets and the world was our metaphor."

- Roger S Jones

"Quantum theory essentially erased the difference between matter and
 fields, making reality a unit that exhibits the properties of both. This
 single, unitary stuff gave rise to the fantastically successful
 algorithm now used by physicists in all calculations involving quantum theory.
 But nobody knows what this unitary stuff really is. Most quantum
 physicists, of course, stop short of calling this unitary substance

- Norman Friedman

"It is your mind that creates this world."

- The Buddha
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thnx for sharing... :)

my silence does not mean that im not aware of what goes on around me
but what goes on around me...deserves not being spoken about

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Nice sharing