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Every inch is heaven
« on: September 17, 2008, 02:50:09 PM »
Every inch is heaven
They say I have nothing
Yet, I have got everything
The sand in Dusht glimmering,
Is bed for me.
Black stones in Tagran darkening,
Are pillows for me.
Black nights with stars illuminating,
Are sheets for me.
Icy mountains in Shaal,
Are gardens for me.
Salty water at Gwader's shores tapping,
Is as Zum Zum's water for me.
Dishtari, Halini, and Muzati dates growing,
Are gold for me.
Every bird in Balochistan is landing,
Is a new hope for me.
Every old woman for Balochistan crying,
Is a mother for me.
Every combatant for Balochistan fighting,
Is a brother for me.
Every inch of Balochistan you are taking.
Is a Heaven for me.
Still you think I have nothing?
No, I've got everything and
Mine which you have
Man Balochian Agan Man Bolotan Estaal Karan..