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« on: September 18, 2008, 09:52:08 PM »

Scenes that run
At my mind"s curtain
Be i asleep or awake

World of fantasy
In imagination I see
With eyes open or closed

Sleep without dreams
Is like a dress without seams
Which is but a uselless thing

Without dreams,life is duller
Like a rainbow without colour
Something happy missing from it

Happy moments,dreams bring
Wanting to make us laugh and sing
Wishing to reach our dreams

If i had the slightest clue
How dreams could come true
I"dbe the happiest person there"d be

To believe in your dreams
Is the only way,it seems
To every success in life

So dream when youre asleep
And dream when youre awake
And your dreams then you will live
Blind are your eyes , your heart unfeeling . Your mind devoid of understanding , for lust , anger and burning desires, you are drowning without water .