Author Topic: Please help for Health and Education in Baluchistan  (Read 4524 times)

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Please help for Health and Education in Baluchistan
« on: August 12, 2005, 08:53:57 PM »
Dear Baloch friends:

Please help for Civil Hospital, Turbat and Atta Shad Degree College and Govt Girls College, Turbat.

The following medical equipments and other items are required for Civil Hospital, Turbat:

1. Incubator                                      2 pcs
2. Phototherapy                                 2 pcs
3. Baby warmer machine                    1 pc
4. Complete endescopy set (urgent)    1 pc
5. Split A/C for operation theatre         2 units (urgent)
6. Water coolers                                 2 pcs
Dr Javed Karim Baloch
Medical superintendent
DHO Turbat
Requirements for Dental Clinic, Turbat
1. Glass beat stilizer (urgent)            1 pc
Dr A Rauf Baloch
Consultant Dental Sugeon
Requirements of Atta Shad Degree College
and Govt Girls College, Turbat
1. Murcurry lights                               8 pcs
2.  Water coolers (2 pcs urgent)          4 pcs
3. Ceiling fans                                  12 pcs
4. Split A/C 1.5 tons (urgent)              2 units
6. Repair of Collge bus and van
M Aslam Baloch
Principal atta Shad degree College and
Govt Girls' college, Turbat, Makran, Balochistan
Thanks to Baloch in Oman and few friends in Sweden and Denmark we have already supplied the following items for Atta shad Degree college and Girls' Collge in Turbat:

1. Split A/C 1.5 tons 1 unit for each college library room (for Men and Girls)
2. Reading tables 2 pcs & chairs 12 pcs + curtains fixed for Girls College
I appeal to all working Baloch men and women in the Gulf, North America and European countries Please help your brothers and sisters for health and education in Balochistan.

I visited Colleges in Turbat in March last year.  The conditions were appalling in these colleges.

Many doors of the class rooms and hostel rooms were broken. some of the desks were broken. Ceiling fans were twisted. Electric fittings were
broken and hanging against the wall. When I visited the hostel I saw some of the doors of the wash rooms were broken. There was a small dining table and few chairs in the dining room and a mat was spread where students used to sit and take their food on the floor. They had a small TV set which they said they have rented from a TV shop on monthly basis. Now you can understand as in Persian saying "qeyaas kon ze golestaane man bahaare maraa".

Dear friends: If you help with your contributions for health you can save the life of an innocent baby and bring smile on the face of a loving mother. If you help for education of your brothers and sisters whose parents cannot afford to give all these requirements and comfort to their children because of their bad economic condition you can create a peaceful and comfortable  atmosphere for the studies of these students who are an asset and hope for the futre of this poor and downtrodden nation.

Please spread this message to all Baloch websites and to your friends who don't have access to internet.

Thanks and God bless !

Yours sincerely,


P. S.
If any one of you is interested to help he or she can contact me on my personal e-mail so that I can guide you how  to approach our friends in that area.
Zahida Raees :Raji: ,
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