Author Topic: O Jawan Tao Watara Bezaan by Abdullah Baloch  (Read 3880 times)

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O Jawan Tao Watara Bezaan by Abdullah Baloch
« on: October 03, 2008, 11:50:02 AM »
Brothers and sisters you are familiar with Abdullah baloch….. moderator of the religion section here…… I request all of you to please pray for his good health as he is sick since some days.

When I met him on Eid he was on his bed, was sick…. But he said he was happy because his sickness had given him an excuse to be at home on Eid… on his pillow side I saw a paper in which he had scribbled something in balochi… I asked him if that was something private he said no… it was a poem in balochi…. after reading it with difficulty I told him to share it with balochi sites. He said he was not sure if it made complete sense yet and might need a revision…. I told him to relax and let me share it with baask members on his behalf. First he was hesitating but on my insistence he said ok share it with your own name…

I took a copy from him and here im sharing it with you…. but this is on behalf of brother Abdullah… I can’t take credit for it.

Let him know that he can write good poems… I want to see more of his poems here when he gets well and joins us in this site.

By: Abdullah Baloch

O jawaan O jawaan
Tao watara bezaan

Wati haala tao bechar
Chuu mabuu halkataan
                      O jawaan O jawaan
                      Tao Watara bezaan
Cham sakkan tae sara tae Qom-e mardomani
Tao kaptage dumbaa, bemaqsadeen chizzani
Dil suthkagan kabaaban tae maat o pitaani                                                     
Chey dard wa chosen tae bemaqsadeen jawani

                      O jawaan O jawaan
                      Tao Watara bezaan

Tara aasmaane tookey chizzani khabar hasten
Tae looga aas rooken tara haech khabar nahen
Gappan jane tao hanchen k kooh trakkan
Qom-e dila chey sooken tara haech khabar nahen

                      O jawaan O jawaan
                      Tao Watara bezaan

Kadi hoosha kaye tao ?
Kadi kara kaye tao ??
Kadi mardomey bane tao ???
Kadi raya kaye tao ????

                      O jawaan O jawaan
                      Tao Watara bezaan

Sar gaaren tae kuja
Tao padeemay rawaan

Tara guwaat mabarten
Gar mabi tae nishaan

O jawaan O jawaan
Tao Watara bezaan!

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Re: O Jawan Tao Watara Bezaan by Abdullah Baloch
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2008, 08:20:53 PM »
Dear Brother  Meher:
Salam o drout,

Brother it’s long ago when brother Abdullah was in touch with us but after death of his father he suddenly went off line and we always assumed that he must be busy with his tough official schedule. Anyways

I am sorry to hear about his illness.
Our prayers are with him and inshaAllah he will get well soon.

I am thankful to you for sharing his Balochi stuff with us.

Please ask him on behalf of this sister that secrecy is not good in “general matters” with your family members if you say Baask is your family.  :)

Braat Abdullah e ey lachchah (nazm) e pegr mana sak doust but.

Agan man rad nayan’ (if I am not mistaking) goraa mani hayalaa braat Abdullah a edaa Lyari e Baloch varnahaan’ (youth) e gooma gilag kotag parcha keh ey dega halke Baloch varnah incho beysudd nayant.

Lyari o Lyari e bazen varnah marcouhii hamencho barabadant yak zamanagi a Balochistan e johud a chah Balochistan e mardoman chey deyma ter buttagant o dohmii neymag a baluchi dood o rabeedaganii deyma barag a chah drustan chey geyter (better) buttagant bale ede hokmeraanii  seyasat o mae kom (nation) e chizzey naamdaaren mardomanii zarr e hirsaa ey halka (meytag) o ede varnah barbaad kotag yal daatagant.

Baazen kaar-duzzi aa ey varnahan’ wati jind e zend wa barbad kotag bale goun wata wati loug e mardom ham ghamanii oolaak kotag yaldaatag.
Baazenanii gohaar, maat o zaal degeraanii loug a shusht o shoud kanat o pa wata o wati chukkan laap kashant.

Man hejbar naheshkotag keh Baloch, Balochanii meytag a insecure bebant bale nou chush naent o ishiye masteren sawab hamen baloch varnahaanii (jawananii) bey suddi o bey kaarient.

Wajah huda wat eshan neiken hidayat bedant.  (Aameen)

Braat Abdullah taee degaa balochi sher o perbandanii e ham wadaaregent (awaiting)

Goun neiken wahagan

Your sister
Zahida Raees :Raji: ,
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Re: O Jawan Tao Watara Bezaan by Abdullah Baloch
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2008, 06:50:43 PM »
Assalamu Alaikum and Eid Mubarak to all my brothers and sisters in the Baask Diwan.

Braat Meher, man tae justa randa kaeen ;)

My sweet sis Raji, thank you for your dua and encouragement. May Allah keep you in good health and grant you peace and happiness. Alhamdu Lillah I am fine now.

I am not a poet as such but it was only the feelings of what I see all around me that i was trying to convert into words in a compressed form, perhaps with some rythem, that fell into brother Meher's hand and when he insists on something from me then it becomes hard for me to refuse. So I let him do whatever he wanted. I call him "Mr. Pro-active".

I am truely pleased to see that you have translated my feelings very correctly given that you are well aware about the atmosphere surrounding the unfortunate streets of Liyari where Baluch are made to kill their own Baluch brothers. Lack of education and jobs is the root cause but that also has its roots in the greed-based politics of our own leaders as you have rightly pointed out.

Insha Allah in the future too if I get anything to express into words with rythem, or poems, I will share it with my brothers and sisters here but will never let it get into brother Meher's hands... heheh.. because then he won't even give me a chance to revise or change anything in it before making it appear wherever his hands reach. ;)

Thanks again.

With best wishes,