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Word HERO and Youth of BALUCH NATION...
« on: November 02, 2008, 04:52:17 PM »
This world is only for those who thinks different whose character is different else every person is almost same.In this modern system where we are living is because of those who were different then rest of people,Their thinking,Their aim and character.
Today if i see every invention or theory is invented or given by one single person who was different. Similarly behind every story there is one person who works for betterment of the people who thinks different, whose character is different and who is he?

No doubt he is that HERO ....

Hero is known for his character who has nothing to take with fashion or look...
Today when i see young generation their ideal is some one who wears a nice dress,who uses an expensive car similarly an expensive boots and watch...
But have we ever thought who is real HERO?

Hero is one who does sacrifices,who thinks about others,who works for the betterment of the people,A hero can be a white,can be a black,Hero has nothing to take with colour,fahion and dress but hero is a character... He is a hope of weaker people ...

My hero is one from him i cannot smell perfume but there is a smell of saltish water which comes from his body when he works and does alot of struggle ...

Today when young generation is following Bollywood stars and making them their ideals ... so Youth of beloved motherland Baluchistan following their forefathers making CHAKER,HAMMAL,BIBERG,KAMBAR,BALACH,AKBAR,BRAHAMDAG,DR.ALLAH NAZAR,DR KHALID,WAHID KAMBAR,WASHDEL.............. and CHE GUEVARA their ideals.

Its not easy to be a hero Yes because its not easy to finish your need to fulfil others Wishes but this is the nation of Baluch who die for their love ones ... this is the love of shehmureed,mast tawakal and faraz who were restless for their love so as the sons of Baluchistan are restless for their nation and land ...

Long live Young Baluchi Heros,Their struggle and Land of Baluch nation

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Re: Word HERO and Youth of BALUCH NATION...
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2008, 04:57:24 PM »
 E:D3 mehrani_gullen_drout (F) [durdanagen-braat] [balochi_wish] washnaam baate (F) baloch-raaj-e-heyr-loutuk E:D3 E:D3 E:D3......roche aajo bit mai dayar..... inshaAllah

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Who is Revolutionist ?
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2008, 11:15:33 PM »
The world's history is full of revolutions... Revolution is a change, a betterment, a solution of different issues and problems of nations.A revolutionist is one who leads people towards destination or for a common goal which is need of people..
When ever word revolutionist is heard we image a character in our mind, A character which is different then others lets analyze today who is that beautiful person ?

A good revolution or a change depends on the character of revolutionist like how he behaves, the way he handles different issues of life ... his character has great importance for a change as much as he tolerate pain in himself no matter what he gets in return as much as he gets closer to his dream and as much as people gets inspire because this world is of courageous people.He is a man who knows every colour of life, he is a complete man knowing each and every thing about his sorrounding, he understand the beauty of life.

Inshort a revolutionist is a ....
Great lover
A good Human
An ideal personality
Hard working

Some times we ask our selves in this mean world why one even sacrifices his life? but if we image about the character of revolutionist we will get to know because he knows every colour of life and he is complete by every sense so he even sacrifices his life for that change which is the need of that particular nation may be for one common person his life means a Good home , A car or A Good job or Beautiful wife but because a revolutionist is totly aware of every aspect of life in this way he becomes a complete personality knowing every season and colour of life....

Today Young heros are building their characters making their ideals like Balach and Akbar moving their nation towards an end, An end which is the final destination of Baluch nation ...

God bless young Baluchi heros and their purpose

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Re: Word HERO and Youth of BALUCH NATION...
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2008, 11:34:57 AM »
 washnaam baate [durdanagen-braat]