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Revenge ....
« on: December 23, 2008, 10:46:20 PM »


Once again Baluch have taken up their swords
Running with their horses towards the battle field
Donot run, its your day of judgement
Where you have to pay which is liable on you
Your injustices are enough to tolerate
Now the warriors will show you their bravery
Once again like east pakistan
You will leave the battle field with your wet paints
Winning a war is not in your destiny
As you are not a man
As you get change time to time
Seller of Dr.Afia
How will you face the defenders of Dr.shazia
Donot tell me about your character
I am known to it very well
And known to the history of bangladesh too
Even these mountains fear from the anger of these warriors
Then who are you ? ? ?
What character you have ? ? ?
Then how will you face the army of chaker and ghuwaram?
Now its one or two tribes fighting against you
But now its a nation ....
Where ghuwaram and chaker both are united with rest of other tribes....
And leading their nation towards destination...
Victory belongs to my warriors
As they are men in men
I have fully faith on them
They will die but they will not get change ....
I know they will fill the wounds of mothers and sisters...
Now even this nature cant stop them ...
Long live brave sons and their struggle ...